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Enterprise Information Technology

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Multinational Corporation

Enterprises or Multinational Corporations are always looking for the best communications technology to improve their competitive advantage. Connet design, construct and maintain the IT infrastructure required to support the IT needs of your company. Connet also redesign, optimize and upgrade existing infrastructures to help satisfy the growing demands on the IT of your company. And if you are merging, carving out, or restructuring your company, we make sure your IT and your data gets merged, carved out or restructured correspondingly.

Our managed enterprise iDC (Internet Data Center) provide enterprise-class computer operating environments that enable optimal availability for mission-critical systems and applications that utilize “green” industry best practices as much as possible to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Enterprise Solutions are developed utilizing industry standards and best practices. Our computing facilities utilize state-of-the-art and proven technologies to deliver optimal yet cost-effective solutions. Connet has a diverse and highly skilled staff of Information Technology professionals who are proficient in systems architecture and integration, infrastructure management and operation, application development and support, and DR (disaster recovery). They work with customers to deliver secure and highly available solutions. The secure IT infrastructure consists of virtualized mainframe and mid-range platforms as well as virtualized network and storage infrastructure. The systems and applications managed by Connet are national in scope, mission critical, and essential for the operations of MNC (Multinational Corporation).

Connet aims to transform traditional IT Infrastructure to an infrastructure where the underlying technology (including virtualization, grid and automation techniques) is being delivered as a set of open, flexible, standardized and highly available services:

Voice, Data and Audio-Visual infrastructure and Networks
In- & outsourced Data Center Services
End User Services (e.g. Desktop, VNC)
ID Infrastructure & Administration
Web & Application Hosting
Messaging (Email, Chat, Instant Messaging, Mobile Devices)
InfoSec (Information Security) / MSS (Managed Security Services)
Network Design, Implementation Administration and Maintenance
Website Development, Maintenance and Hosting
Multimedia Database Development

Our solutions enable you to extend your IT landscape to areas and business processes that up until now have been difficult to digitalize. Connet's enterprise integrated solution is part of the server infrastructure that drives your communications – as a stand-alone server or as a component of your existing servers. Your company’s success depends on its ability to communicate effectively – both internally and with the outside world.With IP network technology, your business will vastly improve its ability to communicate intelligently and efficiently by combining all on one network.