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Information Technology Service

Info+Tech by Telecom+SI

Connet has over 6 years experience providing telecommunications and IT solutions. From our SOC (Security Operations Centers) in Asia, and with field technicians country-wide we provide technical support throughout United States and Asia.

Connet has created a unique IT-outsourcing model, leveraging the expertise and, above all, the experience of its founders. We take care of your IT and make it as reliable and secure as electric power so you can focus on your core business. In fact, we guarantee the quality of our services and your infrastructure up-time for a fixed monthly fee. We offer a compilation of amenities, made to fit your specific IT needs:
Managed IT Services
Network/Security Architecture and Design
Computer System Design
DR (Disaster Recovery)

Within each of these services, you may choose specific attributes to match your IT situation. We offer these customized solutions to simplify your IT demands and create a one-stop-shop so that you can spend more time focusing on your business.

We understand our client’s needs and demands regardless of the size of their business or their technology issues. All our Engineers are certified professionals that have been in the IT industry for many years and understand client demands and the importance of Technology to your business.

We deliver wide range of Managed IT services that helps them operate on an enterprise level infrastructure with lowest cost possible. Connet engages proven experts to pinpoint your IT infrastructure needs and deliver complex solutions in an optimal, worry-free fashion.

Technology should get your business greater performance, higher utilization and information moving at the speed of thought. We would like to sit down with your company and see how technology can benefit your bottom line. With Connet as your partner in IT, you can:

Put an end to your IT worries, with our proactive solutions to all your technology woes.
Make IT budgeting easier, by investing in a technology solution that’s built around a flat, predictable fee structure.
Make a wise investment in your technology, with IT that pays for itself faster.