International Private Line

Inter-connect point to point, end to end

IPL is also known as IPLC (International Private Leased Line), clear channel or IBS (International Bandwidth Service). IPLC connects major national and international organizations with a direct link to their global offices for end-to-end connectivity. Our IPL services ensure high performance features to deliver mission-critical traffc. Delivered over our optical infrastructure, private lines offer carriers high-performance reliability, diversity and service levels, allowing automatic
routing to a different path in case of service disruption. provides point-to-point connectivity between business sites anywhere in the world. It is particularly suited to organizations needing to satisfy high internal network traffic requirements but without making capital investments in network capacity.

This dedicated transport service carries all corporate data and voice traffc with assured availability and quality. The service can be used to interconnect multiple company sites located anywhere in the world. It offers transmission speeds from 2048 Kbps to 622 Mbps (concatenated).

IPL service provides a dedicated end-to-end digital link and is charged at a flat fee basis for unlimited usage. The network operates via diversified international routes, either through under-sea cable system, landline international cable systems or satellite.

Communications have led Multinationals to contract secure, private and constant bandwidth between their principal corporate centers in order to use mission-critical traffic for the development of their business. In response to these reliable and permanent communications requirements, Connet offers its International Global Bandwidth Service. This service permits the supply of seamless, bi-directional and point to point connections and with secured bandwidth.

With the availability of transport capacity primarily in United States, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Connet is the global partner best equipped to respond to connectivity needs on and between these two continents. Worldwide connectivity assured through ownership stake in intercontinental and submarine cable routes and via extensive bilateral agreements with leading operators on other continents.

IPL offer clients the industry's strongest data communications solution available. Private Connection allows clients to organize their proprietary applications according to their own hierarchy criteria. Constant Bit Rate ensures that clients avoid network congestion and run the service every time using the committed contract rate.

Clear and dual transmission make the service the best environment to use Data, Video and Corporate Voice applications. International Clear Channel Service consists of provisioning seamless, bi-directional and point to point connections with secure large bandwidths between different international locations. Most often it is used to transmit private data information, corporate voice and video.

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