B for bandwidth

abbreviation / acronyms Term Definition
b bit The number of bits used to represent a character. For personal computers a byte is usually 8 bits.
B byte
B channel Bearer Channel A wire used in ISDN service that can carry up to 64 Kbps of data when operating at full capacity. It is a clear channel "pipe" that carries voice, data, or video over ISDN. The BRI service offered to home users has two B channels.
B2B business-to-business B2B is also commonly used as an adjective to describe any activity, be it B2B marketing, sales, or e-commerce, that occurs between businesses and other businesses
B2C business-to-consumer B2C describes activities of commercial organizations serving the end consumer with products and/or services. It is usually applied exclusively to electronic commerce.
B2E business-to-employee The use and leverage of e-business approaches and Internet technologies to deliver a comprehensive set of services to an enterprise's employees and their managers. The full term is sometimes presented as "business-to-enterprise."
B8ZS Binary Eight Zero Suppression. 8ZS is a technique in T1 that modifies the AMI encoding to ensure minimum pulse density without altering customer data. When eight "zeros" in a row are detected, a pattern with intentional bipolar violations is substituted.
B-HAVW Behavioral Heuristic Analyzer in Virtual Environments Bitdefender technology
BAA Blanket Authorization Agreement Signed by interconnectors guaranteeing that they have authority of the end user customer to request CPNI and place service orders on the customer’s behalf.
BAC BroadCast Agent Business Objects broadcast agent
BACNET Building Automation and Control Network protocol a communications protocol for building automation and control networks.
BAF Bellcore AMA Format Bellcore (Now Telcordia Technologies) AMA Format
BAI Bank Administration Institute File / report format used in financial services industry
BAM business activity monitoring A Gartner term that defines the concept of providing real-time access to critical business performance indicators to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations. At its broadest level, BAM is the convergence of operational business intelligence and real-time application integration.
BAN Body Area Networks an emerging field of technology that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and pathbreaking applications in sports, communications and security. 
BAPI Business Application Programming Interface A set of documented, server-side interfaces to one or more R/3 processes, from SAP. BAPI packages multiple internal functions to enable programmatic access to such higher-order tasks as checking customer numbers, providing product descriptions, selecting products, creating quotations or creating orders.
bar file broker archive file The unit of deployment to the broker; also known as a bar file. It contains any number of compiled message flows (.cmf), message sets (.dictionary), and a single deployment descriptor.
Basel II Basel Capital Accord a regulatory framework for the banking sector, developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. This committee meets every three months at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.
BASH Bourne-Again SHell an interactive UNIX shell based on the traditional Bourne shell, but with increased functionality. BASH is the shell, or command language interpreter, that will appear in the GNU operating system

Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

A high-level algebraic programming language developed at Dartmouth College in the 1960s and widely taught to beginning programmers. It is simple to use but lacks speed.


connet Baby Advanced Technology

connet batch

connet Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent

connet A type of system board

connet in Windows, a file whose name ends in .BAT and that contains a list of commands

connetChina's top three Internet companies, 百度、腾讯、阿里巴巴 in Chinese

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

Broadband Bearer Capability

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster, headquartered at Broadcasting House in the City of Westminster, London http://www.bbc.co.uk/>

A bearer class field that is part of the initial address message.

BBCs buffer-to-buffer credits allow data communication in a Fibre Channel SAN where there are long spans of fiber optic cable. Unless storage distance extension is employed, latency imposes a distance limitation of a few kilometers between the source and the destination in the network.
BBN Bolt, Beranek and Newman the last names of the three founders of BBN Technologies and the original name of the company.
BBP Business-to-Business Procurement A catalog-based procurement product from SAP.
BBS Bulletin Board System A computerized meeting and announcement system that allows people to carry on discussions, upload and download files, and make announcements without the people being connected to the computer at the same time.
BC4J Business Components For Java Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) framework that helps developers quickly construct high-performance J2EE applications following industry-standard design patterns
BCB buffer control block An opaque cache manager structure that is used to maintain state as a file system pins and releases data (for example, its volume structure) in the cache.
Bcc Blind Carbon Copy When you send an e-mail to only one person, you type the recipient's address in the "To:" field. When you send a message to more than one person, you have the option to enter addresses in the "Cc:" and "Bcc:" fields.
BCC Block Check Character A control character added to a block in character oriented protocols (such as Bisync) used for determining if the block was received in error
BCD binary-coded decimal a format for representing decimal numbers (integers) in which each digit is represented by four bits (nybble or nibble). See byte. For example, the number 375 would be represented as: 0011 0111 0101.
BCE Bell Canada Enterprises; Canada's Largest Communications Company http://www.bce.ca
BCEL Byte Code Engineering Library Library intended to give users a convenient possibility to analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Java class files
BCI Business Continuity Institute The BCI promotes the highest standards of professional competence and commercial ethics in the provision, maintenance and services for Business Continuity Management (BCM).
BCM / BCMP Business Continuity Management (Planning) automates the collaborative research, analysis and writing needed to create a recovery plan for critical business and IT operations that can be published and distributed to the recovery teams.
BCOCA Bar Code Object Content Architecture An architected collection of constructs used to interchange and present bar code data.

connet Best Current Practice

connet Bulk Copy Program

connet business continuity planning

connet Means that a certain manner of proceeding is in general the most logical choice

connet A program used to copy databases or parts of databases in Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server environments.

connet A broad approach to planning for the recovery of an enterprise's entire business process in event of a massive disruption caused by catastrophic event.

BCS basic content services BCSs provide document library services with complementary ad hoc imaging, basic Web publishing, document collaboration and document routing as their core functionalities.
BCUG bilateral closed user group In data communication, two users who have bilaterally agreed to communicate with each other, but not with other users.
BCV business continuance volume EMC's name for the data volumes created by its Symmetrix TimeFinder feature. BCVs are copies of active data volumes that are separately addressed from the source volume.
BCX Basic To C Translator an open source and free software, translates BASIC to C/C++ for compilation on various Win32 compilers. It is a small command line tool that takes a BASIC source code file and outputs a C/C++ source code file.
BD Blu-ray Disc This is an optical disc format that was developed to enable recording, playback, and rewriting of HD video. This technology has a storage capacity far greater than that of traditional DVDs.
BDC Backup Domain Controller Secondary to the PDC, provides user/computer domain authentication
BDF building distribution frame The location in a building where equipment attaches a number of cables from the LDF's
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification A bit sent by a frame relay network to notify an interface device (DTE) that congestion avoidance procedures should be initiated by the sending device
BEEP Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol a framework for creating network application protocols. It is intended to abstract-out the common features that have traditionally been duplicated in each protocol implementation
Bellcore Bell Communications Research A jointly owned, financed and centrally staffed organization of the regional holding companies formed after the AT&T divestiture in 1984, charged with establishing network standards and interfaces. Bellcore changed its name to Telcordia Technologies in 1999.

connet Basic Encoding Rules

connet bit error rate

connet Standard rules for encoding data units described in ASN.1.

connet A measurement of digital transmission quality - the lower the rate, the higher the quality. A minimum BER is often specified in service-level agreements between digital carriers and their customers.

BERT Bit Error Rate Test A test that reflects the ratio of errored bits to the total number transmitted. Usually shown in exponential form (10^-6) to indicate that one out of a certain number of bits are in error.
BES BlackBerry Enterprise Server BlackBerry's mobility platform
BFR Bona Fide Request Submitted CLECs with an interconnection, or pending, agreement with Qwest for non-tariffed, non-negotiated, non-mandated services, including operations standards.
BFT Binary File Transfer A method of transferring files using fax modems. It's an extension to the fax protocol.
BGA ball grid array As opposed to a pin grid array (PGA), a ball grid array is a type of microchip connection methodology. Ball grid array chips typically use a group of solder dots, or balls, arranged in concentric rectangles to connect to a circuit board.
BGI Binary Gateway Interface Provides a method of running a program from a Web server. Similar to a Common Gateway Interface (CGI). The BGI uses a binary DLL which is loaded into memory when the server starts. While more efficient han a CGI, the BGI must be compiled and is not easily portable to other environments.
BGAN Broadband Global Area Network BGAN is a mobile communications system created to transmit broadband wireless voice and data communications almost anywhere on the earth's surface.
BGP Border Gateway Protocol The interdomain routing protocol implemented in Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks.
BGP-4 Border Gateway Protocol-4 A networking redundancy service based on BGP. It enables an enterprise to route Information Protocol (IP) traffic destined for the same IP address via different network connections. In a BGP-4 environment, when a transmission comes from an Internet service provider's network, it will look for the primary router that connects to the enterprise's location.
BHCA busy hour call attempt
The capacity of a voice call processor can be measured in BHCAs. BHCAs measure the amount of calls that a voice system can attempt to handle in a continuous one-hour period (for example, 2,500 busy hour call attempts or, equivalently, 2,500 call attempts during the busy hour). BHCA capacities include all calls attempted, whether completed or not.
BHCC busy hour call completion
The capacity of a processor can be measured in terms of
BHCCs. BHCCs are a measure that includes only completed calls, which makes it a more rigorous metric than BHCA.
BHLI Broadband High Layer Information This is a Q.2931 information element that identifies an application (or session layer protocol of an application).
BHMC Busy Hour Minutes of Capacity For Switched Access
BHO Browser Help Object a software component that can be added to Internet Explorer to add new functions.
BI business intelligence An interactive process for exploring and analyzing structured, domain-specific information to discern business trends or patterns, thereby deriving insights and drawing conclusions. The BI process includes communicating findings and effecting change.
BIA business impact analysis An analysis of the costs that would be incurred if a system or set of business processes failed to function properly. BIA is a required early step in the BCP process.
BIBOP big bag of pages a technique that encodes object type in the high-order bits of their address, by using a lookup table that maps from those bits to a type.
BIC bank identifier code A code used to uniquely identify a bank, logical terminal, or branch within a SWIFT network.
BICI Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface A carrier-to-carrier interface line PNNI (private network-to-network interface) that is needed because carriers do not permit their switches to share routing information or detailed network maps with their competition's equipment.
BiDi Bi-Directional the capability of a computer system to correctly display bi-directional text.
BIDS Business Intelligence Development Studio IDE from Microsoft used for developing data analysis and Business Intelligence solutions utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Integration Services
Bin binary Binary data, composed of something other than human-readable text. Binary code, the digital representation of text and data
Binhex BINary HEXadecimal A method for converting non-text files (non-ASCII) into ASCII. This is needed because Internet e-mail can only handle ASCII.
BIOD block input/output daemon In the Network File System (NFS), a daemon that performs parallel read/write requests on behalf of an NFS client.

Basic Input/Output System

A fundamental element of PCs and other computers. It is a kind of built-in software that determines what a computer can do without accessing programs from a disk.

BIP Bit Interleaved Parity Method used at PHY layer to monitor error performance of link. Check bit or word is sent in link overhead covering previous block or frame. Bit errors in payload will be detected and may be reported as maintenance information.
BIPS Bank Internet Payment System The BIPS specification includes a protocol for sending payment instructions to banks safely over the Internet and a payment server architecture for processing those payment instructions
BIRT Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Open source, Eclipse-based reporting system that integrates with your application to produce compelling reports for both web and PDF.
BIST built-in self test a feature included in newer integrated circuits and other electronic equipment
BISUP Broadband ISDN User's Part SS7 protocol that defines signaling messages to control connections and services.
Bisync or BSC Binary SYNChronous A synchronous communications protocol that transmits binary-coded data between two devices by using a set of control characters and control character sequences.
Bit Binary DigIT A single digit number in base-2, in other words, either a 1 or a zero. The smallest unit of computerized data. Bandwidthis usually measured in bits-per-second.
BIT7 Bit Seven

A TR008 DS1 line code that performs zero code suppression by placing a one in bit 7 of an all-zeros byte.

BITNET Because It's Time Networking Low-cost, low-speed academic network consisting primarily of IBM mainframes and 9600-bps leased lines. BITNET is now part of CREN.

connet Background Intelligent Transfer Service

connet Banking Industry Technology Secretariat

connet Bump-In-The-Stack

connet Enables developers to write client applications that transfer files asynchronously between a client and server.

connet The technology arm of the Bankers Roundtable, whose membership comprises the top 125 bank holding companies in the United States.

connet Configuration where IPsec is implemented "underneath" an existing implementation of an IP protocol stack, between the native IP and the local network drivers.

BITW Bump-In-The-Wire Configuration where IPsec is implemented through the use of an outboard crypto processor.
BIW Business Information Warehouse A component of SAP's R/3 system.
BL BLade Server An HP brandname for ProLiant BladeServers, which are designed forthe performance, management, density and total cost of ownership (TCO) savings requirements of data centers.
BLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Tool consists of a set of algorithms. BLAST is used to compare biological sequences like protein sequences or nucleotides. With BLAST a comparison of individual sequence can be done against a database of sequences and information obtained in case there is matching of sequences.
BLISS Broadband Local Integrated Services Solution Allows service providers to offer a bundle of packet-based services including local and long distance voice services and high-speed data
B-LLI Broadband Low Layer Information This is a Q.2931 information element that identifies a layer 2 and a layer 3 protocol used by the application.
BLOB binary large object A generic term used to describe the handling and storage of long strings of data by database management systems. A BLOB is a category of data, characterized by large size (including media formats such as audio and video), which can place extreme demands on storage systems and network bandwidth.
Blog / Blogger



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A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger." Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog.

Better Listings on Google

BLS Basic Link Service a Fibre Channel request and response protocol used by all devices.
BMRT Blue Moon Rendering Tools RenderMan-compliant photorealistic rendering systems. It was distributed as freeware
BMT Biel Mean Time a synonym for Internet Time. BMT is followed by a @and 3 numbers ranging from 001 to 999. The Swatch organization devised an idea to divide the 24 hour day into 1000 "beats", often called Swatchbeats, each being 26.4 seconds in length.
BNC Bayone-Neill-Concelman / British Naval Connector A connector type for 10Base2 or Thin-Net networks. Shaped like the letter T, it connects coaxial cables. The “T” has two male connectors and one female connector.
BNF Backus-Naur Form formal meta-syntax for describing context-free syntaxes. In speech recognition, a special adaptation of grammar representation specified by Speech Recognition Control Language (SRCL)
BNI Broadband Network Interface Broadband Network Interface
BNOS Brocade Network OS Brocade OS that can converge fbre channel and IP onto a Linux core
BO / BOBJ Business Objects a French enterprise software company, specializing in BI. Since 2007 is part of SAP AG.
BOA Basic Object Adapter Software that provides CORBA-compliant services for object implementations.

connet Breakout Box

connet Business Object Broker

connet Also known as an EIA monitor, a breakout box serves to monitor the status of signals of the pins of an RS-232C connector or cable and allows signals to be broken, patched, or cross-connected.

connet SAP's message broker for R/3.

BOC Bell operating company Any of the 22 original companies (or their successors) that were created from the breakup of AT&T in 1983. They were reorganized into seven Bell regional holding companies (RHCs).
BOCU-1 Binary Ordered Compression for Unicode A Unicode compression scheme that is MIME-compatible (directly usable for e-mail) and preserves binary order, which is useful for databases and sorted lists.
BoD Bandwidth on Demand BoD value-added service enables you to request additional bandwidth between any two locations during heavy demand period
BOD Business Object Document A representation of a standard business process that flows within an organization or between organizations. BODs are defined by the Open Applications Group using XML.
BOL Books Online A bookstore on the Internet created as a joint venture of German publisher Bertelsmann and French publisher Havas. It is designed to be pan-European with a Web site available in various local languages. http://www.bol.com

connet Beginning of Message

connet bill of materials

connet Byte Order Mark

connet a telephony term. A short electrical pulse provided by a digital announcer when used in certain 4 wire E & M modes.

connet A structured list of the raw materials, parts and assemblies that constitute a product to be manufactured, often used in manufacturing and SCM systems.

connet The Unicode character U+FEFF when used to indicate the byte order of a text.

BONDING Bandwidth on Demand Inter-Operability Group

An industry working group that develops common control and synchronization standards needed to manage high-speed data as it travels through the PSTN. These standards are for DS0 inverse multiplexing and switched services.

boot bootstrap To start a computer and load the operating system to prepare the computer to execute an application.
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol A protocol - defined in Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comment 951 - that enables a diskless client machine connected to an IP network to discover its own IP address and the address of a server running the protocol.
BOPS Billions of Processes Per Second Processing speed
bot / botnet robot (network)

generally used to refer to an automated program used to process data with minimal human intervention. Most often referred to as certain types of search engines that seek out information from pages on the Internet.

connet A "botnet" is a network of computers that are infected with malware and then used to send spam and shut down Web sites (DDoS).


connet beginning of tape

connet build-operate-transfer

connet In tape storage systems, the point at the start of the tape in a cartridge. Tape cartridge load times are often measured in terms of the time to BOT.

connet A process used in several Asia/Pacific countries that allows foreign companies to build a telecommunications network in the country, operate it for a period and then transfer ownership to the government.


connet Business Process Analysis

connet business process automation

connet the business-modeling space in which business professionals and IT analysts collaborate on enterprise business architecture, aimed at transforming and improving business performance.

connet The automation of complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities, usually through the use of advanced technologies.

BPC Business Planning and Consolidation SAP NetWeaver capabilities
BPDM Business Process Definition Metamodel the first standard metamodel to facilitate development of service-oriented architectures within and among enterprises by unifying internal business or department processes (orchestration) with interactions between businesses or departments (choreography).
BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit parts of the STP that help describe and identify attributes of a switch port.
BPEL Business Process Execution Language An XML-based language for the formal specification of business processes and business interaction protocols.
BPEL4WS Business Process Execution Language for Web Services A set of specifications released in 2002 by IBM and Microsoft, combining previously separate efforts of the two companies. BPEL4WS is designed to enable Web services to support workflow and business process execution.
bpi bits per inch The density, measured in number of bits per inch, at which information can be stored on magnetic tape.
BPL broadband over power lines This is a technology that has never emerged successfully from many attempts since the early '80s. It is a direct competitor with both DSL and cable connectivity and attempts the same capability over electrical transmission lines.
BPM business process management BPM activities seek to make business processes more effective, more efficient, and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.
BPON Broadband Passive Optical Network BPON standards were set by the ITU-T as G.983.3 for a local loop technology running the ATM protocol over single mode fiber.
BPOS Business Productivity Online Standard Suite Microsoft Cloud-based services

connet Bluetooth Basic Printing

connet Bridge Port Pair

connet business process platform

connet Represents a specially-developed Bluetooth profile that allows devices to send text, e-mails, vCards, images or other items to printers based on print jobs.

connet Frame header information identifying a bridge/LAN pair of a Source route segment.

connet a combined IT and business model that enables enterprises to accommodate rapid, but controlled, business process changes through the use of integrated process composition technologies and reusable business process components in a managed environment.

BPPM BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management BMC's APM solution includes both real and synthetic transaction capabilities, including a passive end user experience agent deployed as a sofware process or within a VM as a virtual appliance.
bps Bits Per Second
Bits per second is the standard way of measuring how fast data moves across a network or phone system. For example, a 56K modem can hypothetically transfer data at 56,700 bits per second.
BPV BiPolar Violation the occurrence of two successive pulses of the same polarity in a bipolar signal. In T1 it is detected as an error.
BRA Basic Rate Access The name used in Canada and Europe for Basic Rate Interface (see BRI).
BRAN Broadband Radio Access Networks An ETSI project, it provides telecommunications services the middle ground between mobile systems and the wired access world
BRAS Broadband Remote Access Server the aggregation point for the subscriber traffic.
BRE Business rule engines used to automate controls, especially when business process management is implemented to standardize and automate critical regulated processes.
BREW Binary Runtime Environment
for Wireless
mobile channel technologies
BRF Benchmark Report Format In computer graphics, a standard format for reporting benchmark results. This format provides the purchaser with a consistent data-tracking system for comparing hardware platforms.
BRI Basic Rate Interface An Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) channel configuration. BRI - known as Basic Rate Access (BRA) in Canada and Europe - consists of two 64 kilobit per second (Kbps) data or voice channels, which are designated as B (bearer) channels, and one 16-Kbps signaling or packet data channel, designated as the D (delta) channel. BRI is, therefore, often referred to as 2B+D.
BROUTER Bridge-Router This was an early technology, which took advantage of the (relative) speed of a bridge, but also provided the capabilities of a router. The brouter was characterized by the term, "bridge when possible, route when necessary."
BRR Business Readiness Rating a proposed rating system for use by open source software community.
BRZ Bipolar Return to Zero RZ is a bipolar signal in which each pulse returns to zero amplitude before its time period ends. This prevents the buildup of DC current on the signal line.
BS 7799 British Standard 7799 A comprehensive standard from the British Standards Institute (BSI). Formally titled the "Code of Practice for Information Security Management," BS 7799 was significantly revised in 2000 and evolved into International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 17799
BSA Business Software Alliance A software industry coalition whose stated missions include industry education and copyright enforcement.

connet Balance Score Card

connet binary synchronous communication

connet A business performance measurement system developed by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, that provides a method of aligning business activities to the strategy, and monitoring performance of strategic goals over time.

connet A data-communication line protocol that uses a set of transmission control characters and control character sequences to send binary-coded data over a communication line.

BSD Berkeley Software Distribution the UNIX operating system derivative developed and distributed by the Computer Systems Research Group of the University of California, Berkeley, from 1977 to 1995
BSDI Berkeley Software Design, Inc. a commercial supplier of Internet and networking software based on the BSD (Berkeley) version of UNIX.
BSE Basic Service Elements In Open Network Architecture, BSEs are functions of the switched network. A BSE normally consists of an access link element, a features/functions element, or a transport and usage element that connects Enhanced Service Providers to their customers.
BSM Business Service Management a category of IT operations management software products that dynamically links the availability and performance events from underlying IT infrastructure and application components to the business-oriented IT services that enable business processes.
BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited a state-owned telecommunications company headquartered in New Delhi, India. BSNL is one of the largest Indian cellular service providers and the largest land line telephone provider in India.
BSoD Blue Screen of Death Terminal error screen displayed by Microsoft Windows, not normally recoverable except by a reboot. Also known as a Stop Screen. A blue screen will display a STOP error code, which may give some indication as to the cause.
BSP board support package Part of a software package that is processor or platform dependent. Typically, sample source code for the BSP is provided by the package developer.

connet Base Station System

connet Broadband Switching System

connet business support system

connet A wireless telecommunications term. A GSM device charged with managing radio frequency resources and radio frequency transmission for a group of BTSs.

connet A carrier (e.g. LEC or IXC) switch for broadband communications. Such switches are capable of switching frames (Frame Relay) or cells (SMDS and ATM) at a very high rate of speed.

connet A category of support software and services used by telecommunications industry firms for customer records, installations, maintenance, billing and operations.

BSSID basic service set identifier uniquely identifies each BSS, the SSID used in multiple, possibly overlapping.
BST binary search tree a type of binary tree where the nodes are arranged in order: for each node, all elements in its left subtree are less-or-equal to the node (<=), and all the elements in its right subtree are greater than the node (>).

connet BitTorrent

connet British Telecom

connet bluetooth

connet a P2P file sharing system that reduces dependency on the original host (or the SEED) by having everyone who downloads the file also offer it for anonymous upload to others

connet British Telecom.

connet wireless technology that allows devices to communicate at short range. A cell phone being used with a hands-free headset is one example. Sending a document between a Bluetooth-enabled laptop and printer is another.

BTAG Beginning Tag An ATM term. A one octet field of the CPCS_PDU used in conjunction with the etag octet to form an association between the beginning of message and end of message.
BTAM Basic Telecommunications Access Method a low-level programming interface specified by IBM for use on the IBM System/360 for sending and receiving data through telecommunication lines
BTO Business technology optimization Business technology optimization

connet Benchmark Timing Methodology

connet business transaction monitoring

connet In computer graphics, a method of measuring how long it takes to run the purchaser's benchmark interchange format program.

connet business transaction monitoring

BTS Bits Per Second In data communications, bits per second (abbreviated bps) is a common measure of data speed for computer modems and transmission carriers.
BTW By The Way Computer jargon
BTX Balanced Technology eXtended ntel has collaborated with the Desktop Computing industry to create an evolutionary step in the desktop computer form factor. BTX integrates cost-effective engineering and design strategies for power dissipation, structural integrity, acoustic performance, and motherboard design into a scalable form factor.
BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server This server handles data sent by an LE Client to the broadcast MAC address ('FFFFFFFFFFFF'), all multicast traffic, and initial unicast frames which are sent by a LAN Emulation Client.
BVD Basic Virtual Disk

a VD configured using only non-hybrid RAID levels like RAID-0, RAID5 or RAID5E.
Its elements are physical disks.

BW bandwidth

connet The measure of the range of frequencies within a band required to transmit a particular signal. The wider the bandwidth, the more information it can carry.

connet Used to describe the data-carrying capacity of any given circuit or pathway. The measure of the rate at which information can be passed.

BYOD bring your own device a type of VoIP subscription. Subscribers who have their own VoIP device (a SIP-capable device) when signing up for a VoIP service will usually be able to take advantage of a cheaper subscription plan
  back door A usually hidden or secret means for an external user to break into your host, network, application, or data. See also virus
  back end the part of a computer system not directly interacting with the user.
  backbone Backbone network is the main communication path in a WAN; the set of cables or connections that carries most of the traffic
  backhaul The terrestrial link between an earth station and a switching or data center.
  bandwidth shaping The process of manipulating, managing or controlling (shaping) portions of a network connection to the outside world and determining an allowed bandwidth consumption based on types of activities.

connet A slot or group of slots, usually on a systemboard (motherboard), that are populated by memory modules of the same capacity.

connet A slang term for general memory in a computer; the memory bank.

  Baud Rate The speed at which a modem sends and receives data, e.g., 2400 bps, 9600 bps. One baud is roughly equivalent to one bit per second.
  benchmark / benchmarking

connet a computer program used to test the performance of a computer or a piece of software.

connet Measuring performance qualities (such as efficiency or spending) of enterprise organizations or processes (such IS) against comparative benchmarks.

  best-effort Describes a network system that does not use a sophisticated acknowledgment system to guarantee reliable delivery of information.
  best practice A group of tasks that optimizes the efficiency or effectiveness of the business discipline or process to which it contributes. Best practices are generally adaptable and replicable across similar organizations or enterprises.
  beta Software that's still in the testing stage not quite ready for wide release. During a beta test users report bugs back to the developers.

connet An attempt to gain control over a line in order to transmit data.

connet Usually associated with contention style of sharing a single line among several terminals.

  Big Blue A slang name for IBM. Blue is IBM's corporate color.
  Bilevel A type of image containing only black and white pixels.
  Binary A numbering system with only two values: 0 (zero) and 1 (one).
  Biometric Authentication use biometric traits to verify users' claimed identities when accessing devices, networks, networked applications or Web applications
  Bitcoin digital currency that serves the same functions and purposes as money
  black box A generic term used to identify functional equipment segments, as opposed to circuitry, that make up each segment of a telecommunications system. 
  blade server A server architecture that houses multiple server modules ("blades") in a single chassis. It is widely used in datacenters to save space and improve system management.

Slang term used to describe an online blog that is written by lawyers, or one that is focused on providing legal-oriented content.

  bogie also spelled bogey, refers to a false blip on a radar display. The term is also used to describe radar echoes that occur for unknown reasons, especially in the military, where such a signal might indicate hostile aircraft.
  booking.com Booking.com is the world's leading online hotel reservations agency by room nights sold, attracting over 30 million unique visitors each month via the Internet from both leisure and business markets worldwide. Priceline is the parent company. http://www.booking.com/
  Boolean A term that originated in the in the realm of mathematics, and that is now commonly known for its application to search engine logic. A Boolean search allows for the inclusion or exclusion of documents containing certain keywords
  Bottleneck A point at which the performance or capacity of an entire system or network can be significantly influenced. Formally, a bottleneck lies on a network or system’s critical path and provides the lowest throughput.
  bounce The return of a piece of mail because of an error in its delivery.
  Bricks and clicks business that existed pre-Internet that now uses e-commerce technology to sell on
the Internet
  bridge Device that connects and passes packets between two network segments that use the same communications protocol. Bridges operate at the data link layer (Layer 2) of the OSI reference model.
  broadband Broadband is another word for high-speed Internet. Because it transfers information quickly, broadband is ideal for downloading music and watching streaming videos.
  broadcast Data packet that are sent to all nodes on a network. Broadcasts are identified by a broadcast address.
  buffer A storage area used for handling data in transit. Buffers are used in internetworking to compensate for differences in processing speed between network devices. Bursts of data can be stored in buffers until they can be handled by slower processing devices. Sometimes referred to as a packet buffer.
  bug An error in a piece of software that stops it from working the way that it should do.
  burn Create a CD or DVD.
  burst Temporary increased network loading due to a data surge or alarm avalanche

connet A communication pathway between the components in your computer.

connet Bus topology has computers connected to a strand of network cabling that is connected to network repeaters at one end and terminated at the other.

  business technology

Pervasive technology use that boosts business results.

  bypass mode Operating mode on FDDI and token ring networks where an interface has de-inserted from the ring.