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abbreviation / acronyms Term Definition
d-channel / D channel

connet delta channel

connet data channel

connet In ISDN, a common channel used for signaling and management of the network.

connet used for common channel signaling by both the telephone company switch and the customer equipment; provides the call signals that set up B channel connections

d-commerce digital commerce form of e-commerce by companies that sell news, documents, subscriptions, or any other content that can be delivered digitally over the Web. Under the ultimate "pay as you go" model, a d-commerce company acts as an electronic middleman: Users establish an account with a d-commerce company to purchase content from a variety publishers
D&I Drop And Insert Refers to the cross connecting of Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) circuits. It allows you to take 64Kb DS0 channels from one T1 and digitally cross connect them to 64Kb DS0 channels on another T1
D2D disk-to-disk backup technologies
D2D2T disk-to-disk-to-tape backup technologies
DA Destination Address Information sent in forward direction indicating address of called station or customer.
DAA Distributed Application Architecture under design by Hewlett-Packard and Sun. A distributed object management environment that will allow applications to be developed independent of operating system, network or windowing system.
DaaS desktops-as-a-service virtual desktop hosting
DAB Digital Audio Broadcast Digital radio broadcast, providing better quality and a greater number of channels than traditional (analogue) radio.
DAC digital-to-analog converter The digital-to-analog converter is for converting a digital signal into an output analog voltage.
DAC / DACL Discretionary Access Control List Discretionary Access Control consists of something the user can manage, such as a document password.A DACL consists of a list of security identifiers (which identify users) and specific permissions for each
DACS Digital Access and Cross Connect System A time-slot switch that allows T1 or E1 lines to be remapped electronically at the DS-0 (64 Kbps) level. Also called DCS or DXS.
DAE Disk Array Enclosure The DAE is a JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disk) enclosure without a storage processor (SP). The DAE supports up to 10 Fibre Channel drives per enclosure and is connected by dual Fibre Channel loops into the DPE.
Daemon Disk And Execution MONitor Disk And Execution MONitor software
DAFS Direct Attached File System an advanced methodology of a particular network data storage method.
DAL Dedicated Advertiser Location A type of iTV ad in development, online advertisers are proposing Simple DALs and Complex DALs. A Simple DAL refers to the data that users reach on the screen, once they leave a video (TV) stream. Viewers will be able to leave a broadcast stream, beyond the duration of an ad, but will then get rapidly returned to it after navigating past some qualifier screens.

connet Database Activity Monitoring

connet Digital Asset Management

connet a type of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) control that transparently monitors database activity to identify fraudulent, illegal or other undesirable behavior.

connet the practice and domain of organizing digital files, like images, documents, videos and presentations. The term asset is used to indicate that such files have some sort of intrinsic value that makes it worthwhile to manage them.

DAMA demand assigned multiple access Allocation of communication satellite time to earth stations as the need arises.
DAML DARPA Agent Markup Language A language currently in development for presenting information on the WWW that will allow information objects to be tagged in a way that allows software applications, computer agents, and virtual assistants.
DAO Disk-At-Once This is a single-session method of writing data to a CD-R/RW disc that creates a disc in a format suitable for commercial duplication.
DAP Directory Access Protocol A derivative of the X.500 DAP standard, postulated by the ISO many years ago. DAP and X.500 remained unused for many years because of the complexity of the DAP access protocol.

connet Data at rest

connet Disk ARchive

connet refer to all data in computer storage while excluding data that is traversing a network or temporarily residing in computer memory to be read or updated.

connet a command-line archiving tool

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Project Agency the progenitor of the Internet. DARPA is where it all began. http://www.darpa.mil/
DAS direct-attached storage RAID storage that is internal and host-attached (both the RAID controller and software technologies and the hard disk drives are housed within the server)
DAS distributed antenna system a way to efficiently distribute wireless connections inside a large building where steel columns and layers of concrete can interfere with wireless signals. A DAS can be used to get rid of "dead zones" by routing radio frequency (RF) signals through fiber or copper cabling from a single base station to multiple antennas located throughout the building.
DASH Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware Suite of specifications that takes full advantage of the Web Services for Management (WS-Management) specificationdelivering standards-based Web services management for desktop and mobile client systems
DAST Dynamic Application Security Testing technologies designed to detect conditions indicative of a security vulnerability in an application in its running state
DAT digital audio tape A magnetic tape that stores audio data in digital form.
DAVID Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder
db Decibel A unit of power (sound, optical or electrical) increase or decrease that is proportional to the exponential increase or decrease of power.
DB Database A collection of data organized in a structured manner so that information can be readily retrieved.
DB2 Database 2 IBM's RDBMS offering, originally built for Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) systems. It uses SQL as its data manipulation and definition language. IBM has released versions of DB2 for several other operating systems, such as Windows and Unix.
DB9 D sub-miniature 9 Also called Dsub9, a 9 pin connector shaped like the leter ‘D’. They are used to connect serial devices together with a serial cable.
DBA database administrator The person responsible for managing data, namely data set placement, database performance, and data recovery and integrity at a physical level. Also known as a "data administrator."
DBCS Double-Byte Character Set One of a number of character sets defined for representing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text. These character sets are often encoded in such a way as to allow double-byte character encodings to be mixed with single-byte character encodings.
dBm decibels milliwatt used to measure signal strength on telephone lines
DBMS Database Management System
In short, a DBMS is a database program. Technically speaking, it is a software system that uses a standard method of cataloging, retrieving, and running queries on data. The DBMS manages incoming data, organizes it, and provides ways for the data to be modified or extracted by users or other programs.
DBS direct broadcast satellite A wireless technology for broadcasting by transmitting a compressed high-speed signal via satellite.
DCAP Data Link Switching Client Access Protocol Data Link Switching Client Access Protocol
DCB Data Center Bridging a set of IEEE industry standards that delivers end-to-end congestion notification and quality of service throughout the network which allows customers to configure traffic classes and priorities to deliver a lossless Ethernet fabric such as Open FCoE.
DCBU D-channel backup An ISDN NFAS configuration where two of the T1 facilities have a D-channel, one of which is used for signaling, and the other as a backup in case the other fails.

connet Data Country Code

connet Digital Command Control

connet Direct Client-to-Client

connet Specifies country in which address is registered. Codes are given in ISO 3166. Field length is two octets. Digits are encoded in BCD syntax.

connet systems used to operate locomotives on a model railroad

connet a feature of some IRC client software, allowing users to communicate messages and files directly, bypassing a server.

DCCP Datagram Congestion Control Protocol a minimal general purpose transport-layer protocol that minimizes the overhead of packet header size or end-node processing as much as possible.

connet Data Communications Equipment

connet Distributed Computing Environment

connet Devices that provide the functions required to establish, maintain and
terminate a data transmission connection. Normally it refers to a modem.

connet In network computing, a set of services and tools that supports the creation, use, and maintenance of distributed applications across heterogeneous operating systems and networks.

DCO Device Configuration Overlay Allows system vendors to purchase HDDs from different manufacturers with potentially different sizes, and then configure all HDDs to have the same number of sectors
DCOM Distributed Component Object Model A version of Microsoft's COM that enables application components to be distributed over several computers through the use of a remote procedure call (RPC).
DCS Desktop color separation An image format consisting of four separate CMYK PostScript files at full resolution, together with a fifth EPS master for placement in documents.
DCT Digital Cordless Telephone A cordless telephone that uses digital transmission technology to provide more security and better sound quality than a traditional analog cordless telephone.
DDAP Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publications User-driven organization working towards enabling the universal exchange of digital ads throughopen process integration and the use of accredited standards. See http://www.ddap.org
DDBMS Distributed database management system A database management system (DBMS) that enables end users or application programmers to view a collection of physically separate databases as a logical single-system image. The concept that is most fundamental to the DDBMS is location transparency, meaning the user should not be conscious of the actual location of data.
DDCMP Digital Data Communications Message Protocol A byte-oriented, link layer protocol that supports half- or full-duplex modes and either point-to-point or multipoint lines in a Digital Network Architecture network.
DDD Data Display Debugger a popular graphical user interface for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, JDB, WDB, XDB, the Perl debugger, and the Python debugger.DDD is licensed under the GNU GPL and is open source.
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange A method of exchanging data between applications on MacOS, Windows, and OS/2 operating systems.

connet Device Driver Interface

connet Direct Dialling-In

connet DNS, DHCP & IP address

connet An interface that facilitates driver portability across different UNIX system versions on SPARC hardware.

connet A facility enabling telephone users to dial direct into a firm's PABX extensions as if they were normal public telephone numbers. Known as DID in the USA, not to be confused with DIA.

connet solutions that complement internal DNS & DHCP implementation.

DDL Data Definition Language A language for describing data and its relationships in a database.
DDN Digital Data Network A network service established in China in 1994, connecting Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other provincial capitals. Each post and telecommunications administration in China has a department regulating DDN service in its region.
DDNS Dynamic Domain Name System A technology that automatically updates the logical names of dynamically assigned IP addresses in the DNS server of an IP network. Specifications for a standard approach to DDNS were defined in Request for Comment 2136, introduced in 1997
DDoS Distributed Denial of Service attack uses many computers to launch a coordinated DoS attack against one or more targets. Using client/server technology, the perpetrator is able to multiply the effectiveness of the Denial of Service significantly by harnessing the resources of multiple unwitting accomplice computers, which serve as attack platforms.
DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol In AppleTalk networks, a protocol that provides network connectivity by means of connectionless socket-to-socket delivery service on the internet layer.
DDR double-data-rate A type of SDRAM that doubles the data burst cycle, improving system performance.

connet Dataphone digital service

connet digital data service

connet Digital Data Storage

connet AT&T line service that allows the customer to transmit data on the line in a digital format.

connet A dedicated data transmission service that operates over interconnected digital private lines.

connet The technology that allows binary information to be recorded to a4mm DAT. The drive mechanism uses 4 heads - two to write and two to read. The tape makes contact with the heads at a 90 degree angle to produce an angled track known as a helical scan.

DDSA digital data service adapter In data communications, a device used when sending and receiving data using a nonswitched digital data service.
DDT Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Data storage and archive strategy. Data is initially stored on disk then, according to some criteria, it is copied to a secondary disk store pending archiving to tape.
DEA Data Encryption Algorithm In Cryptographic Support, the equivalent to the Data Encryption Standard.
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation a company whose products included the PDP-8, PDP-11, and VAX minicomputers, the VT-100 terminal, and the Alpha microprocessor. In 1998, Digital Equipment Corporation was aquired by Compaq, now part of Hewlett-Packard.
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
An interface specification for digital mobile telephony. DECT employs 10 carrier frequencies between 1.88 GHz and 1.9GHz, and has a transmission speed of 144 Kbps.
defrag defragment To optimize your hard drive, usually with a program that "cleans it up"
DEK data encryption key Used for the encryption of message text and for the computation of message integrity checks (signatures).
DEL DELETE the DELETE key on a computer keyboard
Demarc Demarcation Point The point, jack or cross connect panel, at which ownership or responsibility for operating and maintaining facilities passes from one party to another.
Demux demultiplexer A logic circuit that takes a single input and sends it to one of several outputs.
DEN Directory Enabled Network term used in conjunction with an architecture and grouping of networking capabilities that are developed and driven by a central directory.

connet Data Execution Prevention

connet dynamic enterprise publishing

connet OS feature that's new in Windows 2003 SP1 & Windows XP SP2. It serves to prevent viruses and other malicious code from ever executing

connet combine data from an organization's CRM and other enterprise applications with content from its content management systems and other sources according to
business rules to dynamically generate attractive, personalized customer communications for delivery


connet Data Encryption Standard

connet Dynamic Energy Saver

connet An encryption algorithm, developed by the US government, that allows the use of variable-length keys. The longer the key, the more difficult it is to break the algorithm

connet GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver is a revolutionary technology that delivers unparalleled power savings with the simple click of a button.

DET Directory Entry Table A table on every network volume that contains directory entries for each file on the volume. The table, stored in the server's memory, enables quick access to the location of every file

connet design for manufacturability

connet Device Fault Manager

connet Digital Flash Media

connet An approach for designing products in ways that optimize their manufacture.

connet Provides real-time fault analysis for Cisco devices

connet a generalization for all type of digital media devices such as but not limited to CF (CompactFlash), Memory Stick (MS), MMC, Secure Digital (SD), SmartMedia (SM), USB Flash Drive (USBFD) and x D Picture Card (x D).

DFI Design for Innovation DFI Inc. (Design for Innovation)
DFL design for logistics A product design approach that considers logistical issues, such the manner in which the product will be stored or transported.
DGC Distributed garbage collection garbage collection in a system where objects might not reside in the same address space or even on the same machine.
DHA directory harvest attack an attempt to determine the valid e-mail addresses associated with an e-mail server so that they can be added to a spam database.
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
A network server uses this protocol to dynamically assign IP addresses to networked computers. The DHCP server waits for a computer to connect to it, then assigns it an IP address from a master list stored on the server.
DHTML Dynamic HyperText Markup Language web pages that use a combination of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create features such as letting the user drag items around on the web page, some simple kinds of animation, and many more.
DHX Diffie-Hellman Exchange an authentication method used by the Apple file service of Mac OS X Server.

connet data integration and access

connet Dedicated Internet Access

connet need of enterprises for better integrated data for operational efficiency and business intelligence

connet a highly reliable, predictable, and guaranteed bandwidth Internet connection.

DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging.
DID direct inward dial Allows a user outside a company to dial an internal extension number without needing to pass through an operator or an attendant. The dialed digits are passed to the PBX, which then completes the call.
DI/DO Dispatch In/ Dispatch Out

Refers to the source of a reported trouble on a telephone circuit:

connet Dispatch In signifies the problem is likely within the central office and that an inside technician may be assigned to troubleshoot and fix the problem

connet Dispatch Out signifies the problem is likely on the loop portion of the circuit and that an outside technician has been assigned the problem.

DIF Directory Interoperability Forum Coalition formed in 1999 by IBM, Novell, Oracle, Lotus Development and Isocor to promote the use of LDAP by developers, and to accelerate directory interoperability standards.
DiffServ Differentiated Services A protocol that helps support network quality of service. DiffServ enables data packet fields to carry information about the specific level of service a packet should receive on the network.
Digerati digital version of literati (Italian) a reference to a vague cloud of people seen to be knowledgeable, hip, or otherwise in-the-know in regardsto the digital revolution.
DIIOp Dominio Internet Inter-Orb Protocol allows external programs to attach to, and manipulate Domino databases
DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module DIMM is a later version of memory than that of its earlier SIMM counterpart. A DIMM module was introduced for the Pentium processor because the Pentium processor needed a 64 bit path. The SIMM module only has a 32 bit path.
DIP Dual Interface Poll Dual Interface Poll switches allow for either an ON or OFF setting with any number of circuits. DIP switches commonly allow you to change the configuration of a circuit board to suit your particular computer.
DIPP Dual Inline Pin Package Refers to the physical geometry of an integrated circuit or other electronic package; rectangular, with pins on the two longer sides
DIR DIRectory DIRectory
Dirid Directory identifier A numeric identifier used within INF files to represent a disk directory.

connet Defense Information Systems Agency

connet Data Interchange Standards Association

connet Defense Information Systems Agency

connet Data Interchange Standards Association

Disc / Disk DISKETTE A thin, flexible, plastic, circular memory medium, coated on both sides with metal oxide and enclosed in a protective jacket. Data is stored magnetically in binary digital form on its surface(s).
DIT Directory Information Tree A graphical display of an organization's directory structure, sites, and servers, shown as a branching structure. The top-level (root) directory usually represents the organization level
DITTO Data Interfile Transfer, Testing and Operations An IBM licensed program that provides file-to-file services for card I/O, tape, and disk devices.
Divx DIgital Video Express DVD (DVD-ROM) format being promoted by several large Hollywood companies, including Disney, Dreamworks SKG, Paramount and Universal. The idea was financed mainly by retail electronics giant Circuit City.
DIX Digital, Intel , Xerox The first letter of the Digital Corp, the Intel Corp, and the Xerox Corp, which are the leading vendors defined the original Ethernet standards.
DKI Driver Kernel Interface An interface between the UNIX system kernel and different types of drivers. DKI consists of a set of driver-defined functions that are called by the kernel. These functions are entry points into a driver.
DKMS Dynamic Kernel Module Support Designed to create a framework where kernel dependent module source can reside so that it is very easy to rebuild modules as you upgrade kernels

connet to Density Line

connet to double-layer

connet to An HP brandname for the ProLiant Density Line, which are servers in one-, two- and four-socket designs, optimized for rack-mounted server environments.

connet to describing a DVD or similar disc recorded in two layers from the same side, giving twice as much capacity as a single layer.


data link control

connet to A set of rules used by nodes on a data link (such as an SDLC link or a token ring) to accomplish an orderly exchange of information.

connet to protocol layer used by nodes on a data link to accomplish an orderly exchange of information.

DLC Digital Loop Carrier Digital transmission system designed for subscriber loop plant. Multiplexes many circuits onto very few wires or onto single fiber pair.
DLCI data link connection identifier A number of a private or switched virtual circuit in a Frame Relay network that tells the Frame Relay how to route the data.
DLDP Device Link Detection Protocol detect the link status of a fiber cable or twisted
DLE data link escape In BSC, a transmission control character used to indicate that the next character is a control character, not a data character.
DLL dynamic link library A Windows mechanism that links executable code modules to an application program or process. A DLL is loaded at runtime by the application or process that invokes it.
DLM data life cycle management a policy-based approach to managing the flow of an information system's data throughout its life cycle: from creation and initial storage to the time when it becomes obsolete and is deleted.

connet to Direct Line-of-sight

connet to Desktop Line-of-sight

connet to where the points of a circuit have a physically proven clear and unobstructed view of each other

connet to an initial survey conducted on a computer with specialised planning software which allows the user to ascertain if the two points of a circuit have probable line-of-sight


connet to data leak prevention

connet to Digital Light Processing

connet to The term used to describe a system that is put in place to stop the unauthorised loss of outside of the control of an organisation. Data loss is a prevalent problem that has resulted in significant reputational and legal issues for many organisations.

connet to A video projection technology that uses hundreds of thousands of rotating mirrors to project high quality, high definition images. DLP was originally developed by Texas Instruments.

DLPBC Dual Loop Port Bypass Circuitry routing circuitry that makes it possible to add and remove nodes without disrupting the network.
DLPI Data Link Provider Interface The SVR4 STREAMS-based kernel-level interface that supports the services of the Data Link Layer for both connection-mode and connectionless-mode services
DLR Design Layout Record The layout for the local portion of a circuit at a particular location.
DLT Digital Linear Tape A magnetic tape technology that uses half-inch, single-hub cartridges,writes 128 or 208 linear tracks, and provides capacities from 40 to80GB. A technology designed by DEC and sold to Quantum
DM Data Mining Generic term for identifying possible relationships and trends between data items. Typically data mining is the statistical analysis of data to identify commonalities and patterns.
DMA Direct Memory Access A technique of transferring data between the computer memory and a device on the computer bus without the intervention of the microprocessor.
DMAA Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications
DMB Dhtml Menu Builder Used to idetify a DHTML/Javascript menu building tool called DHTML Menu Builder. Also used in the extension of the application's project files
DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act A controversial reform of the U.S. copyright laws that is the first attempt to update those laws for the age of digital technology.
DME distributed management environment A specification of the Open Software Foundation (OSF) for managing open systems.
DMI Desktop Management Interface an API to enable software to collect information about a computer environment.
DML Data Manipulation Language a family of computer languages used by computer programs or database users to retrieve, insert, delete and update data in a database. The currently most popular Data manipulation language is that of SQL, which is used to retrieve and manipulate data in a Relational database.
DMO Distributed Management Object This OLE server exposes representations of SQL Server database objects (tables, stored procedures, server properties, and so on), many of which are usually modified through Transact-SQL
DMS Digital Multiplex Systems System that combines number of digital circuits.
DMT Discrete Multi-Tone an ADSL modulation technique that splits bandwidth usage usage into sub-channels for maximum data transfer. A channel is then optimized for modulation if certain channels cannot transmit data.
DMZ demilitarized zone a computer host or small network inserted as a "neutral zone" between a company's private network and the outside public network. It prevents outside users from getting direct access to a server that has company data. The term comes from the geographic buffer zone that was set up between North Korea and South Korea following the UN "police action" in the early 1950s.

connet Deoxyribonucleic acid

connet Distributed Network Architecture

connet the genetic or hereditary material in humans and most of the other living organisms. DNAs are mostly stored in the nucleus of cells and can replicate themselves.

connet Arrangement of networked computers in which several processors (the CPUs) are located on scattered machines, but are capable of working both independently and jointly as required.

DNA is also Delivery Network Accelerator (BitTorrent), Dynamic Network Administration (Ericsson), Dynamic Network Analyzer (Lucent)

DNIC data network identification code A 4-digit code that specifies the X.21 call format used by a network in its International Data Number to call another station.
DNLC Directory Name Lookup Cache Unix file cache
DNR Digital Noise Reduction

Ensures superior picture quality by "cleaning" images and reducing picture "noise". Particularly useful for older movies where the source master has picture noise.

DNS Domain Name Service / Server / System
the way that Internet domain names are located and translated into IP addresses. A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember "handle" for an Internet address.
DNSBL DNS Based List, DNS Blacklist, or DNS Blocklist. A published list of IP addresses that can be queried through the Internet. DNSBLs are used to publish IP addresses associated with e-mail spam and spamming.
DNSSEC Domain Name System SECurity extensions Technique for securing the Domain Name System. It is a set of extensions to DNS, which provide end-to-end authenticity and integrity and was designed to protect the Internet from certain attacks. See also http://www.dnssec.net/
DOA Dead On Arrival

connet Service to replace malfunctioning devices.

connet In CRM, DOA report tells users which products are the most error-prone or receive the most complaints from customers.T

 DoCoMo Do Communication over the Mobile network DoCoMo (meaning "anywhere" in Japanese) is a NTT subsidiary and Japan's biggest mobile service provider
DOCSIS Data-over-Cable Service Interface Specifications Defines technical specifications for equipment at both subscriber locations and cable operators' headends. Adoption of DOCSIS will accelerate the deployment of data-over-cable services and will ensure interoperability of equipment throughout system operators' infrastructures.
DO-IT Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology
Dolly Digital Dolly a program that can quickly clone (copy) drives to drives, drives to files, files to drives, or files to files. It is similar to the Symantec product known as Ghost.

connet distributed output management

connet Document Object Model

connet Middleware that drives the output process and supports the automated creation and delivery of documents.

connet A platform-neutral and language-neutral interface that allows programs and scripts to access and update the content, structure, and style of documents dynamically.

DOMAIN Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network
DOP Dilution Of Precision One of many quality measurements to evaluate solutions derived by a positioning receiver. This is a numeric value that relates relative geometries between positioning satellites as well as the geometries between the satellites and the receiver.
DoS denial of service The inability of a Web site or other server to respond to legitimate connections. DoS attacks are used to block access to a target Internet site.
DOS Disk Operating System A command-driven PC OS that resides in main memory and uses disks for data storage. It was once the standard OS for IBM-compatible PCs. Early versions of Microsoft Windows ran on top of DOS.
DOV Data-Over-Voice A technique used in FDM allowing the combination of voice and data on the same line. DOV usually employs twisted pair cables assigning some of the unused bandwidth for data transmission.
Document Printing Application
An OSI standard (ISO/IEC 10175) that addresses those aspects of document processing that enable users in a distributed open systems environment to send electronic documents to shared, possibly geographically-dispersed, printers.
DPC Destination Point Code

The part of a routing label that identifies where an SS7 signaling message should be sent.

DPF Database Partitioning Feature A feature that can be used to improve the management of a large database by dividing it into multiple database partitions that are physically placed on one or more servers.

connet deep packet inspection

connet Distributed Protocal Interface

connet An advanced form of firewall technology that looks deeper into the packet stream than traditional packet inspection approaches to identify attempts at malicious behavior and block them.

connet An extension to the SNMP agent that permits users to dynamically add, delete, or replace management variables in the local MIB without requiring recompilation of the SNMP agent.

dpi Dots Per Inch An image measurement standard that measures an images resolution as it applies to printers. It measures the images pixels in one square inch. The higher the number the better the images resolution or quality.
DPMA Dynamic Power Management Architecture This architecture allows computers to have a variety of advanced power management features.
DPMI Dos Protected Mode Interface allow DOS programs to access the extended memory of PC architecture computers while maintaining system protection. DPMI defines a specific subset of DOS and BIOS calls that can be made by protected mode DOS programs.
DPN Data Packet Network Network in which “bundles of information are transmitted, one after another. Differs from circuit network, in which entire circuit is dedicated to particular user.
DPtoTP Display Coordinates TO Tablet Coordinates Coordinates conversion
DPV Distributed Partitioned View Joins horizontally partitioned data from a set of member tables across one or more servers, making the data appear as if from one table
DPW Digital Pulse Wireless also known as Ultra Wideband Radio. It is the revolutionary wireless technology for transmitting large amounts of digital data over a wide electromagnetic radiation spectrum of frequency bands with very low power.
DQM Data Quality Manager Oracle CDH engine
DR disaster recovery Methods and procedures for returning a system, network or data center to full operation after a catastrophic interruption — including the recovery of lost data, the use of alternative network channels if the primary channels are disconnected or malfunctioning.
DRAC Dell Remote Assistant Card Interface card from Dell Inc that provides out-of-band management facilities. The controller has its own processor, memory, battery, network connection, and access to the system bus
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory This is a common type of random access memory that is used in personal computing. The "dynamic" in its name is due to the fact that this memory needs to be refreshed as opposed to other SRAM that is "static". The DRAM is refreshed by the use of electrical current pulses that pass through all memory cells. DRAM needs to be periodically refreshed to retain the stored data.
DRE Document Rendering Engine Collection of Java classes that can be used to define an abstract document and render it in PDF or HTML. A document consists of a collection of elements such as text, lists (bulleted, numbered, plain), tables, images, fonts, color, etc.
DRF Data Recovery Field In NTFS file encryption keys are stored there
DRi Disaster Recovery Institute DRI International was founded in 1988 in order to develop a base of knowledge in contingency planning and the management of risk, a rapidly growing profession.

connet Data Relationship Management

connet digital rights management

connet Oracle Hyperion technology to provide strong hierarchy visualization and management capabilities

connet Trusted exchange of digital information over the Internet whereby the user is granted only the privileges that the document sender allows.

DROP delivery of real-time execution information protocol feature of various NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) protocols that allows a subscriber to continuously view vital information about trades including the date and time, the participants (by symbol or icon), order identification data, condensed descriptions, the exchange prices and relevant commissions.

connet Disaster Recovery Plan

connet Distribution and Replication Protocol

connet refer to DR

connet The goal of the DRP protocol is to significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of data distribution over HTTP

DRU Disc Remastering Utility Tool designed to create a customized copy of the Ubuntu Linux Distribution
DRW Defect Remediation Window How long it takes to fx or “close” a defect
DS Differentiated Service A IETF standard for a small, well-defined set of per-packet building blocks from which a variety of services may be built, thereby providing a framework for delivering QoS in networks
DS0 Digital Subscriber Level Zero A 64 Kbps unit of transmission bandwidth. A worldwide standard speed for digitizing one voice conversation, and more recently, for data transmission. Twenty-four DS0s (24x64 Kbps) equal one Digital Signal Level 1 (DS1).
DS1 Digital Signal Level 1 Framing specification used in transmitting digital signals at 1.544 Mbps on a T1 facility or 2.048 Mbps on an E1 facility.
DSn digital signal level n A classification of digital circuits. The DS technically refers to the rate and the format of the signal, whereas the T designation refers to the equipment providing the signals. In practice, DS and T are used synonymously; for example, DS1 and T1, DS3 and T3.

connet Digital Signature Algorithm

connet Distributed Systems Architecture

connet An asymmetric cryptographic algorithm that produces a digital signature in the form of a pair of large numbers.

connet The networking architecture developed by Honeywell-Bull for the GCOS environment

DSAP Destination Service Access Point

connet to In OSI, a service access point used to receive data.

connet to In SNA and TCP/IP, a logical address that allows a system to route data from a remote device to the appropriate communications support.

DSBM Designated Subnet Bandwidth Manager A device on a managed subnetwork that acts as the Subnet Bandwidth Manager for the subnetwork to which it is attached
DSE Directory Services Environment Contains a list of Naming Contexts and Application Partitions maintained by a Domain Controller
DSI Dynamic Systems Initiative Microsoft's technology strategy for products and solutions that help businesses enhance the dynamic capability of its people, process, and IT infrastructure using technology

connet Digital Subscriber Line

connet Domain-Specific Language

connet Dual Stress Liner

connet It is medium for transferring data over regular phone lines and can be used to connect to the Internet.

connet a natural extension of and complement to UML. DSL is helping to remove the semantic gap between problem and solution domains by using tailor-made syntax and semantics.

connet Technology by AMD and IBM to strain silicon chips to enhance their performance

DSLAM DSL Access Multiplexer a device that joins a high-speed computer network to a set of ordinary telephone lines in a telephone company central office.
DSM dependency structure matrix Excellence tools Kit For Development Projects
DSM-CC Digital storage media command and control a toolkit for developing control channels associated with MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams.
DSML Directory Service Markup Language combines directory services technology (LDAP ) with XML syntax to provide an easy way to share and use personalized data across company and technology boundaries.
DSN dealer software network

A network-resident, standards-based environment that interconnects chains of applications and services.

DSO data source object A DSO exploit is a form of spyware that takes advantage of data binding to gain access to the hard drive of a computer connected to the Internet. Such spyware can be difficult to detect and eradicate, and if it is successfully removed, it often returns.
DSOM Distributed System Object Model a version of SOM that supports sharing binary objects across networks. DSOM is similar to Microsoft's competing standard called DCOM.
DSP digital signal processor A specialized computer chip optimized for high data rates needed to process digitized wave forms, particularly those derived from analog sources. Often used in equipment requiring voice digitization.

connet Data Set Ready

connet Dynamic Source Routing

connet A serial connectivity term, used primarily with printers and modems in modern systems. DSR is the primary computer signal line for hardware handshaking over a serial interface; connects to the DTR line at the computer.

connet a self-maintaining routing protocol for wireless networks. The protocol can also function with cellular telephone systems and mobile networks with up to about 200 nodes.

DSS igital Signature Standard The US Government standard that specifies the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), which involves asymmetric cryptography.
DSSA Distributed System Security Architecture a computer security architecture that provides a suite of functions including login, authentication, and access control in a distributed system.
DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum A spread spectrum transmission method which is also used by IEEE802.11b compatible devices. One bit of the signal is transmitted as a code word, which is equivalent to multiplying the transmission rate (spreading the transmission rate).
DSTN Double-layer Supertwist Nematic This is a form of passive matrix LCD screen.
DSTP Data Space Transfer Protocol used to index and categorize data using a XML based catalog.
DSU data service unit A simplified modem for the transmission of digital data over a private line or for limited-distance communications over the PSTN, where it is not necessary to comply with all the requirements for a high-speed modem.
DSU Digital Service Unit A user device interfacing to a digital circuit, such as DDS or T1 when com-bined with a CSU. The DSU converts the user’s data stream to bipolar format for transmission.
DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data An all-digital technology for concurrent voice and data (SVD) transmission over a single analog telephone line. DSVD is endorsed by Intel, Hayes, U.S. Robotics
DSX Digital System Cross-connect frame Digital System Cross-connect frame. DSX1: Digital Signal Cross-connect level 1
DTD Document Type Definition a type of file associated with SGML and XML documents that defines how the markup tags should be interpreted by the application presenting the document.
DTDS Disaster Tolerant Disk Systems term from the RAID advisory board which describes server systems which must be divisible into two or more zones which cooperate to protect against loss of access to data in the event of one system's complete failure.
DTE Data Terminal Equipment Devices acting as data source, data sink, or both

connet Document Table Model

connet Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode

connet Interface to a document model designed specifically for the needs of Apache's XPath and XSLT implementations. The motivation behind this model is to optimize performance and minimize storage

connet a specification that was unanimously approved by the members of ETSI.

DTMF Data Tone Multiple Frequency Used with modems to put more data down one line.
DTML Document Template Mark-up Language a subset of SGML and a superset of HTML used for creating documents that dynamically adapt to external conditions using its own custom tags and a little bit of Python.
DTN Disruption Tolerant Networking a networking architecture that is designed to provide communications in the most unstable and stressed environments
DTP Desktop publishing A system that processes the text and graphics and, by means of page layout software and a laser printer, produces high-quality pages suitable for printing or in-house reproduction.
DTS Digital Theater System Special system used for encoding and decoding an audio signal on multiple channels, used in cinemas and home-use theater systems as well. Used for the first time by movie director Steven Spielberg, DTS' most common channel array comprises 5.1 channels (5 fullrange and one for the subwoofer). Dolby Digital is DTS' most notable competitor.
DTR Data Terminal Ready It is a primary serial printer signal for hardware handshaking over a serial interface; connects to the DSR pin at the computer.
DTTV Digital Terestial Televison broadcasts over earthbound circuits so sateliites aren't used for any part of the link between the broadcaster and the end user.
du disk usage du is a standard Unix program used to estimate the file space usage—space used under a particular directory or files on a file system.
DUAL Diffusing Update Algorithm Convergence algorithm used in Enhanced IGRP that provides loop-free operation at every instant throughout a route computation. Allows routers involved in a topology change to synchronize at the same time, while not involving routers that are unaffected by the change.
DUL Dial Up List a list of dialups known to be used by spammers. Networks can use the list to automatically block all mail from those dialups.
DUN Dial-Up Networking Creating a WAN over dial-up internet.
DUNS Data Universal Numbering System A system in which internationally recognized nine-digit numbers are assigned and maintained by Dun & Bradstreet to uniquely identify worldwide businesses.
distributed unit of work

connet to A unit of work that allows SQL statements to be submitted to multiple relational database management systems, but no more than one system per SQL statement.

connet to In a distributed process, all processing between two syncpoints taken by two or more intercommunicating transactions using a two-phase commit protocol.

DUPS Digital Unbundled Port Services

An element, not bundled with a loop or transport facility, which provides digital access to the functionality of a local switching system.

DUV Data Under Voice The normally unused spectrum at the lower end of a radio channel used to provide a T1 (1.544 m bps) channel for digital services.
DV Digital video A digital tape-recording format using approximately 5:1 compression
to produce Betacam quality on a very small cassette.
DVB-H Digital Video Broadcasting - Handhelds specification for bringing broadcast services to battery-powered handheld receivers that allows the receiving device to move freely while receiving the transmission.
DVB-SH Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite services to Handhelds a system used to deliver IP based media content and data to handheld terminals, like mobile phones or PDAs, via satellite. The DVB-SH system was designed for frequencies below 3 GHz, typically in the S-band.
DVBMHP Digital Video Broadcasting Multimedia Home Platform Europe and South Korea Interactive TV
DVCD Double Video CD CD capable of holding up to 99 minutes of video as well as audio data, with quality similar to VHS tape.
DVD Digital Versatile Disc DVD is a storage medium capable of storing programs and data.
DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol an interior gateway protocol based on RIP that supports connectionless multicast data transmission to a group of hosts over a network.
DVI Digital Video Interface, originally Digital Video Disc A specification for a computer monitor interface capable of carrying both analog and digital signals. DVI was developed by the Digital Display Working Group, an industry group formed by Intel and other vendors.
DVRs Digital video/Versatile recorders A hard-drive-equipped set-top box that makes it easy for consumers to record TV programs, pause live TV, and skip commercials.
DWDM dense wave division multiplexing A technology used to increase fiber-optic transmission capacity. In fiber-optic networks such as SONET, DWDM permits fibers to carry up to eight wavelengths of light, thus multiplying their capacity by the number of wavelengths carried.
DWF Design Web Format Fast, efficient way to distribute design data to anyone who needs it. With Autodesk Express Viewer, a small, free, downloadable application, you can view and print that rich data
DWM Desktop Windows Manager A windowing system in Windows Vista editions (all except Starter and Home Basic) that support Aero, which handles drawing of content to the screen.
DWS Dialable Wideband Service Alternative name for Multirate ISDN, providing dialed data connectivity at desired bandwidth on per call basis (from 128 kbps through 1.536 Mbps in 64 kbps increments).
DX DirectX / Direct X Microsoft DirectX software
dxdiag directx diagnostics a utility program for testing DirectX under Windows.
DXF Drawing Interchange Format used for Macintosh graphic files. The standard file-exchange format for 3-D and CAD programs.
DXI Data Exchange Interface A variable length frame-based ATM interface between a DTE and a special ATM CSU/DSU. The ATM CSU/DSU converts between the variable-length DXI frames and the fixed-length ATM cells.
dyld dynamic link editor The library manager for code in the Mach-O executable format. The dynamic link editor is a dynamic library that “lives” in all Mach-O programs on the system.
  D-4 A digital multiplexer used to convert 24 voice grade analog or data channels into DS1.
DaFont DaFont is an archive of freely downloadable fonts. Fonts are categorized by theme, and can also be sorted by name, date, and popularity.http://www.dafont.com/
  dark fiber Fiber-optic cable deployments that are not yet being used to carry network traffic. (The word "dark" refers to the fact that no light is passing through the optical fibers.)
  dashboard A summary view of the status of multiple service level agreements (SLAs). Or a Web page that can contain one or more viewers that graphically represent business data.
  Daughter Board A circuit board that plugs into a larger circuit board, or motherboard.
  dBi A unit that is used to represent the gain of an antenna compared to the gain of an isotropic radiator.

connet A condition under which a transaction cannot proceed

connet Unresolved contention for the use of resources.

connet A condition in which two independent threads of control are blocked, each waiting for the other to take some action.

  debug To detect, diagnose, and eliminate errors in programs. Checking the logic of a program to isolate and eliminate the mistakes from a computer program or other software.
  Decryption The act of restoring an encrypted file to its original state.
  Deeper Sleep

an Intel power management technology. It helps to deliver longer battery life by minimizing the power consumption of the processor during brief periods of inactivity by the user including microseconds between keystrokes.

  Default Route

Entry in a routing table that can redirect any frames for which the table has no definitive listing for the next hop.

  desktop A computer designed to sit on a desk (as opposed to a laptop). In Windows, it also means the screen you see when you aren't running any programs, with "My Computer", the Recycle Bin and so on.
  dial-up This is a telephone line that is connected to a server. When it is called, tones are exchanged between the server and the devise calling in order to attach.
  DICT dictionary network protocol created by the DICT Development Group
  Dijkstra Algorithm sometimes used to calculate routes given link and nodal state topology database.
  directX A set of multimedia APIs that Microsoft provides.
  docking (station) A hardware device that enables a mobile computer to function as a desktop computer.
  domain The unique name that identifies an internet site. Domain names always have two or more parts separated by dots.
  drag To move an image or a window from one place on the screen to another by grabbing it with a mouse or other pointing device and pulling it to a new location.
  dropbox Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that uses cloud storage to enable users to store and share files and folders with others. http://www.dropbox.com/
  dual core a CPU structure. The difference between a single core and dual core is that a dual core system has two CPU's that are electronically wired together. These two CPU's wired together in parallel gives twice the performance than that of its single core counterpart.
  Due diligence the requirement that organizations must develop and deploy a protection plan to prevent fraud, abuse, and additional deploy a means to detect them if they occur.

connet A large mass of information that shows the exact contents of computer memory at a particular time.

connet To send a large volume of information to somewhere specific such as a printer or a screen.

connet A backup or a backup file created by the UNIX dump utility.

connet A tape or CD backup in a batch process.

connet The general appearance of a real programmer's work area.

  Duplex The ability to send and receive data over the same communications line.
  Dynamic IP Each computer or device connected to the internet needs its own IP address. Devices and sites that are constantly connected to the internet usually have a static IP address so the DNS can reliably route traffic to the right place.