M for Mac address

abbreviation / acronyms term definition
m-business mobile business Gartner uses this term to describe the new business models and opportunities enabled by the extensive deployment of mobile and wireless technologies and devices — such as Bluetooth, WAP, UMTS, GPRS, smartphones and e-purses
m-commerce mobile commerce; A category of commerce that includes any purchase transaction completed using a wireless device, such as a cellular phone, PC or personal digital assistant.

connet Manufacturer-to-Manufacturer

connet model-to-model

connet a kind of B2B in which electronic exchanges connect manufacturers to each other and streamline business processes.

connet language communication via metadata operators

MAA Mail access agent A mail service that communicates with a user’s email program to download mail message headers to the user’s local computer.
Mac Macintosh Computer system that has Mac OS for its OS. There are a few different companies that have produced Macs, but by far the largest is Apple.
MAC Media Access Control

Mid-Atlantic Crossing

A MAC address is a hardware identification number that uniquely identifies each device on a network. The MAC address is manufactured into every network card, such as an Ethernet card or Wi-Fi card, and therefore cannot be changed.

MAC cable system in USA, St. Croix

MAC message authentication code

connet In Cryptographic Support, the first 4 bytes from the last 8-byte block of ciphertext produced when encrypting a message using cipher block chaining

connet In computer security, a value that is a part of a message or accompanies a message and is used to determine that the contents, origin, author, or other attributes

MADM Multiple Appearance Directory Number allows the same directory number to appear on more than one telephone.
MAE Metropolitan Area Exchange and/or Ethernet A NAPS where ISPs can connect to each other. Metropolitan Area Ethernet
MAGs Multichannel access gateways onsist of client- and server-side middleware, accompanied by tools or packaged as plug-ins, that enable mobile applications to work well across a diverse set of devices and networks
mAH milliampere-hour or milliamp-hour a measurement of the amount of charge a battery can hold.
massive array of idle disks
MAID is a storage technology that employs a large group of disk drives in which only those drives in active use are spinning at any given time.
Malware Malicious Software Programs with the intent to cause problems.

Metropolitan Area Network

A data network intended to serve an area the size of a city. Such networks are being implemented by innovative techniques, such as running optical fibres through subway tunnels.

MANET Mobile Ad Hoc Network
A MANET is a type of ad hoc network that can change locations and configure itself on the fly. Because MANETS are mobile, they use wireless connections to connect to various networks.

connet Manufacturing Automation Protocol

connet Mobile Application Part

connet Major Sync Point

connet MAP is an IEEE specification for cable and network operations, IEEE 802.4.

connet MAP is SS7 protocol which provides an application layer for the various nodes in GSM and UMTS mobile core networks and GPRS core networks to communicate with each other

connet MAP is ITU-T term

MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface The Microsoft-developed programming interface specification that enables an application to send and receive mail over an e-mail messaging system, such as Microsoft Exchange. It was designed to separate the mail engine from the mail client.
MAPP Microsoft Active Protections Program To improve security protections for customers, Microsoft provides vulnerability information to major security software providers in advance of each monthly security update release
MAPS Mail Abuse Protection System Mail Abuse Protection System - an organization that provides information to networks about other networks that are tolerating email abuse. They provide several lists which networks can use to block mail coming from abusive sites.

connet Monitoring, Analysis and Response System

connet Multicast Address Resolution Server

connet Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines

connet Cisco's security monitoring for threat identification, mitigation and compliance secures network devices and host applications supporting

connet Tracks the multicast-capable hosts and any existing groups for adding and removing multicast routers from a conference.

connet a generalization of a data mining decision tree.

MAS Modula-2 Algebra System an experimental computer algebra system which combines imperative programming facilities with algebraic specification capabilities for the design and study of algebraic algorithms.
MASER Microwave Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation A device designed to generate a microwave signal with low-noise properties.
MathML Mathematics Markup Language an extension of HTML designed to facilitate the display of mathematical expressions

connet Medium Attachment Unit

connet Multistation Access Unit

connet provides the physical and electrical interface between an Ethernet device and the medium system to which it is connected.

connet A Token Ring wiring hub.

MAX Master Auxiliary Correction A method of RTK Network (RTKN) correction proprietary to Leica Geosystems™ in which multiple base stations are used to determine an RTK correction. M
Mb megabyte an amount of computer memory equal to 1,048,576 bytes = 1,024 kilobytes. One megabyte can store more than one million characters
Mbps MegaBits Per Second

In data communications, a common measure of data speed for computer modems and transmission carriers. One Mbps is equal to 1,000,000 bps or 1,000 kbps.

MBR Master Boot Record Record located at the beginning of a bootable disk on Intel based systems, containing the boot loader.
MBS Maximum Burst Size ATM network performance parameter that defines the duration of transmission at a peak rate that would be accepted on a given ATM virtual circuit.
MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Scans for missing hotfixes and vulnerabilities in some Microsoft products
MBT MB Technology MB Technologies' Bindows is the leading SDK used for developing zero-footprint SOA client-side applications. mb.bindows.net/

connet message channel agent

connet Micro Channel Architecture

connet A program that transmits prepared messages from a transmission queue to a communication link, or from a communication link to a destination queue.

connet A 32-bit standard developed by IBM for expansion cards. The standard offered improvements over 16-bit ISA, but never caught on outside of IBM computers.

MCCM multichannel campaign management processes enable companies to communicate offers to customer segments across a multichannel environment, such as direct mail, call centers, websites, e-mail and communities.
MCI Microwave Communications, Inc. Microwave Communications, Inc., acquired by Verizon.
MCIF (IBM) Measured Capability Improvement Framework a set of guidelines and processes developed to help companies more effectively manage, measure and improve their software delivery process.
MCL Mesh Connectivity Layer a technology that allows a computer user to connect to a wireless mesh network that uses Wi-Fi or WiMAX.
MCM Multi-Chip Module an integrated circuit comprising of several chips all packaged within the same package
MCMP Multi-channel Multi-point a circuit card that enables the support of up to six independent applications over a single multipoint digital facility.

connet Microsoft Certified Professional

connet Multi-chip package

connet refers to both an individual Microsoft certification and a broader professional certification program. To be an MCP, candidates must complete any one exam within the program. The MCP program offers multiple certifications, based on different areas of technical expertise.

connet A combination of semiconductor devices in one package, usually SRAM and Flash.

MCR Maximum Cell Rate An Available Bit Rate (ABR) traffic parameter (in cells per second) that gives the slowest rate at which the network controls the flow of the source on an ABR Virtual Channel (VC) connection.
MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer A certification from Microsoft intended to demonstrate proficiency in managing and administering Windows based networks together. www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcse/Default.asp
MCU multipoint control unit A device that supports video meetings between three or more participants.
MD2/4/5 Message Digest algorithm 2/4/5

Message digests are algorithmic operations, generally performed on text, which produce a unique signature for that text.

connet MD-2, described in RFC 1319;

connet MD-4, described in RFC 1320;

connet MD-5, described in RFC 1321 all produce a 128-bit signature.


connet model-driven

connet Model-driven architecture

connet enable business-level functionality to be modeled by standards

connet a software design approach for the development of software systems. It provides a set of guidelines for the structuring of specifications, which are expressed as models.

MDB Message-Driven Beans part of the Java EE specifications

connet Main Distribution Frame

connet Medium Density Fiberboard

connet The primary point at which outside plant facilities terminate within a wire center for interconnection to other telecommunications facilities within the wire center.

connet A type of particle board that is often used in the construction of subwoofer enclosures. It is used due to its ability to absorb vibration and its sturdiness.

MDI Medium Dependent Interface used to make a physical and electrical connection between a transceiver and a media segment.
mdisk managed disk A SCSI logical unit (LU) that a RAID controller provides and a cluster manages.
MDIX medium dependent interface crossover an Ethernet port connection that allows networked end stations (i.e., PCs or workstations) to connect to each other using a null-modem, or crossover, cable.

connet master data management

connet Meter Data Management

connet the set of processes to create and maintain a single view of reference data that is shared across systems.

connet a key component in the Smart Grid infrastructure that is in the process of being evolved and adopted by utility

MDP Mobile Data Protection Mobile Data Protection
MDS Master Data Service IBM MDM product
MDX Multidimensional Expressions The querying language for OLAP cubes.
ME Millenium Edition Microsoft's replacement for Windows 98 in September 14, 2000 release.
MEMS micro-electromechanical systems an emerging technology for making microscopic machines. Using microfabrication technology, MEMS integrates actuators, mechanical elements, sensors and electronics on a common silicon substrate.
MEO Medium/Middle Earth Orbit A telecommunication satellite system that is mainly used for geographical/global positioning systems.
MERVA Message Entry and Routing with Interfaces to Various Applications IBM connectivity to SWIFT network

connet Manufacturing Execution Systems

connet Mobile Entertainment Service

connet systems manage manufacturing operations in factories.

connet Nokia's platform that allows developers to create interactive games for WAP

MESA Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association a global community of manufacturers, producers, industry leaders and solution www.mesa.org
MFA Multifactor authentication MFA is a security system in which more than one form of authentication is implemented to verify the legitimacy of a transaction.
MFC Microsoft Foundation Class A library of C++ functions provided by Microsoft that allows developers to more easily work with Windows operating systems.
MFD Multi Function Device A combined printer, scanner, photocopier and fax machine.
MFM modified frequency modulation

connet Variation in the amplitude and frequency of the write signal.

connet Pertains to the number of bytes of storage that can be stored on the recording media.

MFP multifunction product A network-attached document production device that combines two or more of the copy, print, scan and fax functions.
MFS Multi-Function Security IBM's all-in-one firewall

connet Managed file transfer

connet Master File Table

connet MFT is a type of software used to provide secure internal, external and ad-hoc data transfers through a network. MFT products are built using the FTP network protocol.

connet Table containing NT's file system structure

MGAS mostly global address space A flexible virtual address space model, used in systems such as HP-UX, that preserves most of the address space for shared applications.
MGC Media Gateway Controller Provides a single management platform for fault, configuration, performance and security management. It manages the Cisco PGW 2200 PSTN Gateway and the Cisco SC2200 Signaling Controller.
MIA Media Interface Adapter Converts electrical signals into optical signals and vice versa.
MiB mebibyte 1024 kibibytes.
MIB Management Information Base

connet A collection of data objects that can be accessed via a network management protocol such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

connet A definition for management information that specifies the information available from a host or gateway and the operations allowed.

MIC Message Integrity Check A protocol that prevents an attacker from determining the encryption key used to encrypt packets on a wireless network.
MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition a character recognition system that uses special ink and characters. When a document that contains this ink needs to be read, it passes through a machine, which magnetizes the ink and then translates the magnetic information into characters. The most common use of the technology is in the financial world. MICR technology is used by banks.
MID-II Management Information DataBase II A collection of objects that can be accessed via a network management protocol such as SNMP.
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface A high-quality audio file format.
MIH Master Information Hub MDM facility supports the creation of custom data domains

connet Medium Independent Interface

connet Microsoft/Intel/IBM

connet provides a 40-pin connection to outboard transceivers (also called PHY devices). Used to attach 802.3 interfaces.

connet Microsoft/Intel/IBM

MILNET Military Network Military Network
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Originally a standard for defining the types of files attached to standard Internet mail messages. The MIME standard has come to be used in many situations where one cmputer programs needs to communicate with another program about what kind of file is being sent.
MIMO Multiple Input, Multiple Output A technique for faster wireless communication. MIMO allows for the use of multiple transmitter and receiver antennas to increase throughput.
MIP Multum in Parvum (Latin) means "many in one" A method of increasing the quality of a texture map by applying different-resolution texture maps for different objects in the same image, depending on their size and depth
MIPS Millions of Instructions Per Second The number of computer instructions processed per second. A measure of computer power.
MIS management information systems This was once the predominant name for the central data-processing organization in an enterprise. Today, information systems (IS) is the more commonly used term.
MISRA Motor Industry Software Reliability Association MISRA C can be considered a subset of ISO C; the discarded language constructs are those deemed most prone to error http://www.misra.org.uk.
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology A university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT is a privately endowed research institution with the mission of advancing knowledge and educating students in science and technology. It is very well-respected and has produced many well-known computer and technology professionals within the industry.
MITM Man In The Middle a type of network attack where the intruder intercepts traffic between two hosts and answers each one, fooling the hosts into thinking they are talking directly to each other.
ML Modular Line An HP brandname for the ProLiant Modular Line, which is an expandable tower.
M/L Mobile-to-Land Traffic

Traffic that originates on a CMRS provider’s system and is terminated to a landline user.

MLHG Multi-Line Hunting The ability of a switching system to connect calls to another phone in a group when other numbers in the group are busy. Types include serial or circular.
MLT Mechanized Loop Test

A test system that tests the end user's loop, which is comprised of the wires and equipment used to provide dial tone/calling service to that end user.


connet Microsoft Management Console

connet MutiMedia Card

connet A standardized interface into which you can plug snap-ins to perform different administrative tasks.

connet mass storage devices in the form of a new type of memory media with a compact design, image storage capacity of up to 1GB, compatibility with different digital camera brands and MP3 devices


connet multi-megabit data service

connet Multipoint Microwave Distribution System

connet a line-of-site point-to-point technology operating at 2.44GHz to 2.5GHz that serves areas with heavy foliage, relatively few environmental obstructions and moderate rainfall.

connet wireless broadband technology for Internet Access. MMDS channels come in 6 MHz chunks and runs on licensed and unlicensed channels. Each channel can reach transfer rates as high as 27Mbps or 1Gbps

MMF Multimode Fiberoptic Cable Fiberoptic cable in which signal or light propagates in multiple modes or paths. Since these paths may have varying lengths, transmitted pulse of light may be received at different times and smeared so pulses may interfere with surrounding pulses.
MMO / MMOG massively multiplayer online game a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played on the Internet, and usually feature at least one persistent world.
MMORPG Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
MMR Modified Modified Read data compression method used in Group 3 facsimile machines.

connet Microsoft Media Server

connet Multimedia Messaging Service

connet Streaming protocol used by the Microsoft Media Server. Used to access unicast content from a Windows Media Server to a Windows Media Player

connet A mobile-messaging standard jointly defined by the 3G Partnership Project and the WAP Forum. MMS provides a broad set of features that cannot be delivered through traditional wireless-messaging standards, and to send messages to both mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

MMU Memory Management Unit a hardware device responsible for handling memory accesses requested by the main processor.
MMX multimedia extensions set of additional instructions added to the later models of the Pentium microprocessor and its successors to support high-speed processing of animation and sound.
MNP Microcom Networking Protocol a communications protocol developed by Microcom, Incorporated (now owned by Compaq, then HP), that is used by many high speed modems.

connet managed network services

connet Master of Network Science

connet The vendor delivery of primarily operational support for a network environment in which the hardware assets, financial obligations and personnel remain on the books of the customer.

connet 3COM's highly acclaimed recognition for demonstrated knowledge of networking functions. It is the equivalent of Novell's CNS and Microsoft's MCSE certification.

MO Magneto-Optical A type of disk drive that combines magnetic disk technologies with CD-ROM technologies.
MOB movable object a graphical object that is manipulated separately from the background. These are seen all the time in computer games.
MoBo motherboard The computer's main circuit board. All internal components are attached or connected in some way to the motherboard. The motherboard holds the processor, the bus, memory sockets, expansion slots, and more. It acts as a conduit for power, and makes sure the various components can communicate.
MODEM modulator-demodulator
A modem is a conversion device that allows a computer to transmit information over analog communication lines (for example, traditional phone lines) by converting information that is digitally stored on the computer into transmission signals.
MOE Measures of Effectiveness a probability model based on engineering concepts that allows one to approximate the impact a give action will have on an environment. In Information warfare it is the ability to attack or defend within an Internet environment.
MOF Microsoft Operations Framework Provides technical guidance that enables organizations to achieve mission-critical system reliability, availability, supportability, and manageability of Microsoft products and technologies
MOH Music On Hold A telephony term. Often this is a port on the the control device; it may however, be an add-on attachment allowing audio to be routed to an incoming or outgoing system call that is placed on hold.
MOM Microsoft Operations Manager Provides manageability as part of the design and implementation of Windows Server System technologies
MOO Mud, Object Oriented One of several kinds of multi-user role-playing environments.
Moodle Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment Moodle is an open source course management system, orginally developed by Martin Dougiamas. It is used by thousands of educational institutions around the world to provide an organized interface for e-learning, or learning over the Internet.
MoReq Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records a model specification of ERMS
MORPH (from) metamorphosis To change one image into another by means of digital technology
MOS Mean Opinion Score a numerical indication of the perceived quality of received media after compression and/or transmission.
MOSFET Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor A transistor with a source and drain region. It is considered a key element in integrated circuit technology.
MOSS Microsoft Office SharePoint Server the full version of a portal-based platform for collaboratively creating, managing and sharing documents and Web services. MOSS enables users to create "Sharepoint Portals" that include shared workspaces, applications, blogs, wikis and other documents accessible through a Web browser.
MoST mobile solutions terminal The mobile terminal used by service personnel.
MOTD message of the day Many computers (particularly more capable ones) are configured to display a MOTD when accessed remotely.
MOV Merchant of Venice in computer programming, is a stock market trading and technic analysis program to manage graphs and portfolios. It has an internal language which supports all the most important econometric functions (RSI, Bollinger Bands, Momentum, Moving Averages, ecc.).
MP3 MPEG Layer 3 An open MPEG standard for digital audio compression. It offers significant compression while retaining good to excellent audio quality.
MPAS mostly private address space A flexible virtual address space model, used in systems such as HP-UX, that can allocate larger address space blocks to processes.
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group A digital video standard for compression of full-motion images. The compression ratios achieved with MPEG encoding make it an ideal standard for delivery of digital video data.
MPI Master Patient Index A list of all known patients in an area, activity, or organization.
MPIF Multi-Processor Interconnect Facility IBM facilty to support multiple TPF complexes communicating with each other

Mozilla Public License

Multi-schedule Private Line

a free and open source software license. www.mozilla.org/MPL/

An AT&T tariff for a leased voice-grade line.


Multiprotocol Label Switching

a scheme typically used to enhance an IP network. Routers on the incoming edge of the MPLS network add an 'MPLS label' to the top of each packet. This label is based on some criteria and is then used to steer it through the subsequent routers.
MPN Microsoft Partner Network Microsoft Partner Network
MPOE minimum point of entry the closest practical point to where the cables of a telecommunications service carrier cross a property line or where its wiring enters a multi-unit building.
MPP massively parallel processing The coordinated execution of a single request by multiple single-processor computers in a shared-nothing environment
Mpps millions of packets per second a measurement of information sent per second
MPPE Microsoft Point to Point Encryption Encrypts data for PPP or PPTP connections
MPS managed print services strategy designed to help manage the volume of documents flowing through the organization and minimize the costs
MQ message queue (formerly) an IBM standard for program-to-program messaging across multiple platforms. WebSphere MQ run time environment including the setup of the queue manager network. Websphere MQ is sometimes referred to as message-oriented middleware (MOM).
MQT materialized query table A table whose definition is based on the result of a query and whose data is in the form of precomputed results that are taken from the table or tables on which the MQT definition is based.
MRAM magnetoresistive random access memory a method of storing data bits using magnetic charges instead of the electrical charges used by DRAM. By combining the high speed of static RAM and the high density of DRAM, proponents say MRAM could be used to significantly improve electronic products by storing greater amounts of data, enabling it to be accessed faster while consuming less battery power.
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging A medical imaging technique used for image capture. Tissue area is simultaneously subjected to electromagnetic radiation and a magnetic field
mrouter multicast / router multicast / router
MRO maintenance, repair and operations The activities associated with the operation and repair of any facility, equipment or asset, and the material purchased to support these activities.
MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher an open source tool used to monitor the traffic load on network links.
MRU most recently used a list of most-recently-used files or web addresses. Many word processors, web browsers, and so on, maintain MRU lists so the user can quickly return to a document that was used recently.
ms millisecond A unit of time equal to one one-thousandth of a second.

connet Microsoft

connet Memory Stick

connet An industry abbreviation for the dominant giant in computer technology

connet The technology developed by Sony to advance mass storage devices, formally known as Sony Memory Stick. MS technology was introduced in 1999 and now has sizes up to 1GB in size. It also has variations such as MS Duo, MS Pro and MS Pro Duo.


connet metropolitan statistical area

connet Mobile Sales Assistant

connet Modular Smart Array

connet cellular service areas used by the FCC to license cellular telephone service.

connet Oracle's CRM product

connet Uses existing linear multi-channel bi-directional tape format.

MSAP Microsoft
Application Platform
Microsoft application platform suite
MSB Most Significant Bit Highest order bit in binary representation of numerical value.
MSBD Media Stream Broadcast Distribution Protocol used to distribute streams between Windows Media Encoder and the Windows Media server components, and to transfer streams between servers
MSC Mobile Switching Center A switch providing services and coordination between mobile users in a network and external networks.
MSCS Microsoft Cluster Server A technology that provides high availability by grouping computers into MSCS clusters.
MSDB main storage database A root-segment database that resides in virtual storage. The data in an MSDB is stored in segments.
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network A community of practice for developers created by Microsoft. MSDN offers Web-based and offline services to programmers who write applications using Microsoft technologies.
MSDE Microsoft Data Engine A desktop database engine that works as an extension of SQL Server 7.0 to store data for offline application components.
MSDP Multicast Source Directory Protocol Developed for peering between ISPs, it enables Rendezvous Points (RPs) to share information about active sources
MSE Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home or small business PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious. www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/
MSEE Microsoft Equation Editor add-on software that lets you build complex mathematical equations and insert them into such Office applications as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel by picking symbols from a toolbar, then typing numbers and variables.

connet Medium Scale Integration

connet Message Signal Interrupts

connet MicroSoft Installer

connet Micro Star International

connet Chips containing hundreds of transistors, but not thousands.

connet sets aside a special message space in the PCI flat memory space for passing a certain type of control message called an interrupt.

connet an installer system by Microsoft for Windows platforms and .MSI file extension

connet an international computer component and notebook manufacturer

MSIL Microsoft Intermediate Language An intermediate, CPU-independent language (also known as IL, or Intermediate Language) into which source code is compiled in Microsoft's Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), part of its .NET platform.
MSL Mean Sea Level This is a common frame of reference for positions with a vertical component. The average location at which the ocean meets the beach is considered “mean sea level”.
MSMQ Microsoft Message Queuing A message-queuing middleware product (or, more accurately, an operating-system service) that provides store-and-forward connectivity between two application programs.
MSM Mainframe Service Management the concept of service optimization, addressing IT requirements for mainframe system management, data management and enterprise workload automation.
MSN Microsoft Network Launched in 1995 along with Windows 95, it is an online service provider (OSP) comprised of various Web sites and Web pages that are operated by Microsoft or its affiliates. HTTP://WWW.MSN.COM.
MSNP Microsoft Notification Protocol an instant messaging protocol developed by Microsoft for use by the .NET Messenger Service and the instant messaging clients that connect to it
MSO multiple-system operator A company that owns cable systems in several different cities, such as AT&T, Cablevision.
MSPP MultiService Provisioning Platform A marketing term for a network of devices (e.g. switches and multiplexers) that can support multiple protocols and multiple services such as voice, data and video in a variety of formats.
MSS / MSSP managed security service (provider) A company that provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and antivirus services.

connet Maximum Segment Size

connet mobile satellite service

connet the largest amount of data, specified in bytes, that a computer or communications device can handle in a single, unfragmented piece.

connet A radiocommunication service between mobile earth stations and one or more space stations, or between space stations used by this service.


connet Mail Transfer Agent

connet message transfer agent

connet Multi-Threaded Apartment

connet Software that implements SMTP and provides storage for mail messages to be forwarded or delivered to a local user. MTAs implement SMTP (RFC 821).

connet OSI application process used to store and forward messages in the X.400 Message Handling System. Equivalent to Internet mail agent.

connet A threading context in which components must handle synchronization themselves. Under COM+ the threads that run in the MTA com from a thread pool managed by the system

MTBF / MTTF mean time between failures / mean time to failure The estimated or actual average time period between failures in a computer component or system
MTP message transfer part Part of the SS7 protocol normally used to provide a connectionless service roughly equivalent to levels one to three of the OSI reference model.
MT-RJ Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack a fiber optics connector popular for small form factor devices due to its small size.
MTS Microsoft Transaction Server A facility that helps Windows users run business logic applications in a middle tier server.
MTSO Mobile Telephone Switching Office The switching office that all base station cell sites connect to.
MTTR mean time to repair An estimated or actual average time required to perform repairs on a computer component or system.

connet maximum transfer unit

connet Maximum Transmission Unit

connet The maximum number of bytes that an Internet Protocol (IP) datagram can contain.

connet a networking term that defines the largest packet size that can be sent over a network connection. The MTU is typically limited by the type of connection, but may sometimes be adjusted in a computer's network settings.

MUA Mail User Agent the client that you read your email with. Common ones are Netscape, Eudora and Outlook Express.
MUD Multi-User Dungeon or Dimension A (usually text-based) multi-user simulation environment. Some are purely for fun and flirting, others are used for serious software development, or education purposes and all thatlies in between.
MULTOS Multi-Application Operating System A smart-card operating system originally created by Mondex, and now overseen by a consortium of 13 smart card companies.
MUSE Multi-User Simulated Environment One kind of MUD - usually with little or no violence.
multimedia multiple forms of media This includes text, graphics, audio, video, etc.
mutex mutual exclusion

connet A guarantee of exclusive access to a shared resource.

connet A synchronization function that is used to allow multiple jobs or processes to serialize their access to shared data.

connet A flag used by a semaphore to protect shared resources. The mutex is locked and unlocked by threads in a program.



A device that combines several input signals into a single outgoing signal.

MVNO mobile virtual network operator A company that provides mobile network services through a contract with a mobile network operator.
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage An IBM mainframe operating system. The term MVS is used to describe an entire family of mainframe operating systems.
MW middleware Software that provides some functionality between the database and the end user.
MWE multiword expression A semantically or syntactically significant expression that consists of multiple words that expresses a single concept. Multiword expressions can be phrasal in nature, comprising several sentence elements.
MWI Mobile Web Initiative Proposes to address issues like interoperability and usability for mobile phones through a concerted effort of players in the mobile field, including authoring tool vendors, content providers, handset manufacturers, browser vendors and mobile operators
MX record mail exchange record DNS resource record type indicating which host can handle e-mail for a particular domain.
MXF Material Exchange Format broad application led to various vendor interpretations and implementations and therefore interoperability problems.
  macro A file containing a sequence of instructions that can be executed as one command. These commands can be in the form of a key, symbol or name. As an example, one symbol could represent a predefined list of commands.
  magic quadrant A two-dimensional graphical framework developed by Gartner that places a particular set of vendors from a specific technology industry sector into a strategic matrix.
  mailer-daemon an automated program, adopted by some ISPs, that returns Internet mail to you if it is undeliverable for one reason or another.
  mainframe A large-capacity computer system with processing power that is significantly superior to PCs or midrange computers. Traditionally, mainframes have been associated with centralized, rather than distributed, computing environments.
  Manchester encoding a method of transmitting bits that allows the receiver to easily synchronize with the sender.
  masquerade a type of attack where the attacker pretends to be an authorized user of a system in order to gain access to it or to gain greater privileges than they are authorized for. A masquerade may be attempted through the use of stolen logon IDs and passwords, through finding security gaps in programs, or through bypassing the authentication mechanism.
  Master/Slave Bus access method whereby the right to transmit is assigned to one device only, the Master, and all the other devices, the Slaves may only transmit when requested.
  Media Tablet a device based on a touchscreen display whose primary focus is the consumption of media.
  mesh network each of the nodes are joined together by telecom "lines" -- wireless or wired.

connet In computer science, meta is a common prefix that means "about". As an example, metadata is data that describes other data (data about data). A metalanguage is a language used to describe other languages. A metafile is a file that contains other files.

connet The HTML META tag is used to describe the contents of a Web page.

  Metadata Information about a web page hidden inside it to help search engines find it. It often includes a description of the page which will be picked up by search engines.
  Microblogging a narrow-scope mode of social communication pioneered by the social network site Twitter.com and followed by similar services from Plurk, Yammer, Socialcast and Identi.ca.
Electronic payment for information or services ranging from a few cents to a tenth of a cent.
  micro server may also be written as microserver or MicroServerm, small server appliance that works like a server. Micro servers are off-the-shelf appliances that are designed for ease of installation and maintenance.

Middleware is software that allows elements of applications to interoperate across networks links, despite differences in underlying communications protocols, system architectures, operating systems, and databases and other application services.


connet Replicating data on different computers or devices to provide backup or improved performance

connet In a storage sense, "mirroring" refers to duplicating data on multiple disk storage devices to provide backup in the event of a system failure.

connet In an Internet sense, "mirroring" refers to replicating the contents of a Web site at another site to minimize load on the main server, or to speed up connectivity in a specific geographic region.

  mirror site A site that's identical to another. These are usually set up on different servers to handle heavy traffic on popular sites to eliminate bottlenecks. Many international sites have mirror sites in various countries to speed up access.
  Mobile Application Stores offer downloadable applications to mobile users, mostly consumers, via a storefront that is either embedded in the mobile handset or found on the fixed or mobile Web.
  Mobile Robots move and navigate in an autonomous or semiautonomous manner and have the ability to sense or influence their local environments.
MobileMe MobileMe (formerly .Mac and iTools) is a subscription-based collection of online services and software offered by Apple Inc. http://www.me.com/
  Moore's Law The idea that computing power doubles every 18 months, originally conceived by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965.
  Mosaic The original WWW browser developed at University of Illinois, given to public domain. Mosaic has been outdated by commercial browsers like Netscape's Navigator and IE.
  mount This term comes from the days when tape media had to be physically mounted at the instruction of an operating system.
  Mouse elbow A repetitive strain injury that is caused by repeatedly using a mouse.
  Multicast single packets copied by the network and sent to a specific subset of network addresses. These addresses are specified in the Destination Address Field.
  multihoming For TCP/IP, the ability to specify multiple interfaces per line description
  MySQL popular open-source database software. See SQL; www.mysql.com/