C for Cache

abbreviation / acronyms Term Definition
C-GREX Chaos Game Representation Explorer a handy Bioinformatics tool for exploring the sequence visualization and pattern analysis of biological sequences including RNA, DNA and amino acid sequences.
C++ / CPP C Plus Plus Object-oriented programming language based on C. Also, filename extension.
C2A Click-to-Action A method for implementing cooperative portlets, whereby users can click an icon on a source portlet to transfer data to one or more target portlets.
C4S command, control, communications, and computer systems

connet Integrated systems of doctrine, procedures, organizational structures, personnel, equipment, facilities, and communications designed to support a commander's exercise of command and control, through all phases of the operational continuum.

connet Integrated systems of doctrine, procedures, organizational structures, personnel, equipment, facilities, and communications designed to support a commander's exercise of command and control, across the range of military operations.

C64/128 Commodore 64/128 The C64 computer to this day holds the record for being the most successful model of computer ever made with even the lowest estimates being in the tens of millions. Its big brother, the C128, was not quite as popular but still sold several million units.
C&SI consulting and system integration Consulting & SI job or industry

connet Certificate Authority

connet Computer Associates (formerly)

connet a trusted third party used to create digital certificates and private/public key pairs and to guarantee that the party signing a document is the person they claim to be.

connet IT software market leader http://www.ca.com

CaaS Communications as a Service The utilization of enterprise-class communications applications and technology (such as IP telephony, contact center services and unified communications) is offered as a service.

connet Call Admission Control

connet Carrier Access Code

connet Connection Admission Control

connet The inspection and control all inbound and outbound voice network activity by a voice firewall based on user-defined policies.

connet Five to seven-digit number that identifies which interexchange carrier call uses. Subscribers dial these digits with each long distance call or pre-subscribe to particular carrier and let digital switch software add CAC.

connet the set of actions taken by the network during the call set- up phase (or during call re-negotiation phase) in order to determine whether a connection request can be accepted or should be rejected.

CAD/ CAM Computer-Aided Design / Manufacturing
Also known by engineers and architects as the best invention of all time. Today, CAD software is used for nearly all three-dimensional designing. Designers can turn an object into an electronic representation more quickly and accurately than by diagraming it with a pencil and paper.
CAI Common Air Interface A standard that defines technical parameters for control and information signals passed between a radio transmitter and receiver, so that communication may take place between equipment manufactured by different companies.
CAL Client Access License A Microsoft software license program. The cost of clients accessing specially licensed servers. There are typically two methods of licensing access to a server or a separately-priced service. These were previously known as "Per- server or per-seat.
CALEA Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
This is a U.S. legal framework enabling telephone call interception in certain circumstances. Please refer to http://www.fcc.gov/calea/ for further details.

connet Capital Asset Management

connet channel access method

connet computer-aided manufacturing

connet Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne EAM solution

connet a protocol for how data is transmitted in the bottom two layers of the OSI model.

connet a type of computer application that helps automate a factory.

CAMA centralized automatic message accounting An automatic message accounting system that serves more than one switch from a central location.
CAMEL Customized Application for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic a feature of GSM that allows users to roam between networks. CAMEL is a standard that is now starting to be deployed.

connet Campus Area Network

connet cancel character

connet Controller–area network

connet a network which involves interconnectivity between buildings in a set geographic area, such as a campus, major hospital, large corporate enterprise, industrial park, or other such non-public access environment.

connet A control character used by some conventions to indicate that the data with which it is associated are in error or are to be disregarded.

connet a vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer.

CAN-SPAM Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and
a law passed by the U.S. Congress in 2003 (15 U.S.C. 7701) providing penalties for sending deceptive mass e-mails. The act required the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether or not to establish a national Do Not E-mail registry
CAP carrierless amplitude phase modulation A multilevel, multiphase encoding method for transmitting data over twisted pair lines. It is a superset of the legacy protocol used by analog modems.
CAPA CA Productivity Accelerator a set of interactive features and functions to help ease training, navigation, use and process adoption of the product once it is live and in use in the field.
CAPE concurrent art-to-product environment A design approach that brings together a variety of synergistic applications, including visualization, rapid prototyping, analysis, materials selection, machining and cost estimation.

connet Common Application Programming interface

connet Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing

connet Computer Assisted Programming Interface

connet API standard used to access ISDN equipment, equipment that use the integrated services digital network ISDN standard for the transfer of data over telephone lines.

connet Surveying using a computer-based questionnaire. CAPI allows the interviewer to customize the survey, so that respondents answer questions only about subjects they're familiar with and receive questions in a random order to avoid biases.

connet another name for a program generator. These programs were first made in the early days of Z80 microcomputers to create programs in BASIC for people that were not programmers.

caps capital letters capital letters
CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart a challenge-response system test designed to differentiate humans from automated programs. http://www.captcha.net/
CAR committed access rate A metric used in network quality-of-service agreements to classify and limit customer traffic and manage excess traffic according to the network policy.
CARE Customer Account Record Exchange National guidelines for the formats and language used in mechanized exchanges of Equal Access-related information between Interexchange Carriers and telephone companies.
CAROT Centralized Automatic Reporting on Trunks A mechanized system for testing of trunks to ensure that trunks are accessible to traffic, function properly during call setup and termination, and provide a proper transmission path during a call.
CARP Common Address Redundancy Protocol Allows multiple hosts on the same local network to share a set of IP addresses among them
CART command and response token An 8-byte token that is added to write-to-operator (WTO) commands; it enables the response WTO to be associated with the command that invoked it.

connet centralized attendant services

connet channel associated signaling

connet Column Address Strobe

connet computer algebra system

connet Common Analysis Structure

connet Content-Addressed Storage

connet A function of a usually centrally located attendant console that permits the control of multiple switches, some of which may be geographically remote.

connet A method of communicating telephony supervisory or line signaling (on-hook and off-hook) and address signaling on T1 and E1 digital links.

connet An electrical signal that determines which column is read or written to on a DRAM chip. You must combine a column address strobe with a row address strobe to define a location on a DRAM chip.

connet CAS is to automate tedious and sometimes difficult algebraic manipulation tasks. more...

connet A structure that stores the content and metadata of a document, and all analysis results that are produced by a text analysis engine.

connet enables users to store and retrieve files based on a file's name, content or unique identifier. CAS is often deployed in a scale-out RAIN architecture.

CASE computer-aided software engineering An umbrella term for a collection of application development tools designed to increase programmer productivity.

connet Communications Authority of Thailand

connet Computer-Assisted Translation

connet The exclusive operator of Thailand's international telecommunications services to the rest of the world. In addition to telecommunications services, it provides data communications, mobile and satellite services.

connet Indicates the use of a series of data processing tools aimed at assisting the translator on a level of coherency (consistency) of the text and in terms of working speed

CAT n Category n
As in Category 5 (Cat 5), 5e (enhanced), 6 or 6e copper cabling typically used in buildings to connect PCs and telephony handsets to hubs or switches. The category indicates a specific gauge of wiring.
CATI computer-aided telephone interviewing Technology used facilitate information gathering via phone interviews (for example, for survey purposes).
CATIA Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systemes and marketed worldwide by IBM
CATP Caffeine Access Transport Protocol Common method of moving caffeine across Wide Area Networks such as the Internet . CATP was first used at the Binary Cafe in Cybertown and quickly spread world-wide.
CATS Calling Card & Third Number Settlement An telephone company system for ICS (intercompany settlements) processed through CMDS (Centralized Message Distribution System).
CATV community antenna television (or Cable TV system) Commonly known as "cable TV." Television signals are received at a selected site and retransmitted to subscribers via a cable network. Additional channels, not normally available in that area, can also be transmitted.
CAV Constant Angular Velocity A method of reading (or writing) data from (or to) a spinning disk. As data is read from the disk, the drive motor always spins at the same speed.
cB C Beautifier A tool for tidying the syntax of source code.
CBC cipher block chaining A method of reducing repetitive patterns in ciphertext by performing an exclusive-OR operation on each 8-byte block of data with the previously encrypted 8-byte block before it is encrypted.
CBL Composite Blocking List Takes its source data from very large spamtraps/mail infrastructures, and only lists IPs exhibiting characteristics which are specific to open proxies of various sorts which have been abused to send spam, worms/viruses that do their own mail transmission
CBN common bonding network The set of metallic components that are intentionally or incidentally interconnected to provide the principal means for effecting bonding and grounding inside a telecommunications building.
CBQ Class-Based Queuing A public domain QoS methodology for classifying packets and queuing them according to criteria defined by an administrator to provide differential forwarding behavior for each traffic class
CBP Certifed Biometrics
IEEE program focuses on the relevant knowledge and
skills needed to apply biometrics to real-world challenges and applications.
cbr files Comic Book Archive CBR files rarred file archives with their extension changed from .rar to .cbr

connet constant bit rate

connet content based routing

connet An ATM service category, defined by the ATM Forum, that guarantees a constant bandwidth with low delay, jitter and cell loss. Circuit emulation is a typical application.

connet An optional feature of the caching proxy that provides intelligent routing to back-end application servers. This routing is based on HTTP session affinity and a weighted round-robin algorithm.

CBT Computer Based Training A form of education in which the student learns by executing special training programs on a computer. Unlike Web-based training programs, CBT does not require an Internet connection.
CBWFQ Class-Based Weighted Fair Queueing Extends the standard WFQ functionality to provide support for user-defined traffic classes. For CBWFQ, you define traffic classes based on match criteria including protocols, ACLs, and input interfaces
cc carbon copy An option in most e-mail programs, it allows you to send duplicate copies of an e-mail message. When you type a recipient's e-mail address in the cc field, it is viewable to everyone who receives the e-mail message .
CC closed captioning A service that transmits text captions for a television program and can be displayed on any modern television with a display size measuring greater than 13 inches (33 cm) diagonally.
CCA Citrix Certified Administrator Entry to mid level certification for IT professionals who want to “demonstrate product expertise on Citrix platform products
CCAs composite content applications case management and front-end access for field personnel to complex back-end applications
CCC Clear Channel Capability A characteristic of a transmission path in which the bit position allocated for customer data may represent any combination of zeros and ones. . Also refer to Clear Channel
CCD Charge Coupled Device a solid-state chip containing a series of tiny, light-sensitive photosites and was originally developed by Honeywell . The heart of all electronic and digital cameras.
CCD+ Cash Concentration and Disbursement plus addenda One of the primary message formats necessary for enterprise-initiated payments to traverse the U.S. national banks' clearinghouse system. The format is limited to a single addendum record (one invoice, one payment), and many banks can process it.
CCF call control function The network intelligence that provides call/connection processing and control.
CCH connections per circuit hour

connet A unit of traffic measurement expressed as the number of connections established at a switching point per hour.

connet A unit of traffic measurement used to express the rate at which circuits are established at a switch.

CCHIT Certification Commission for Health Information Technology A voluntary, private sector organization launched in 2004 to certify health information technology (HIT) products such as electronic health records and the networks over which they interoperate. www.cchit.org
CCI controlled cryptographic item Secure telecommunications or information handling equipment, or associated cryptographic component, that is unclassified but governed by a special set of control requirements.
CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.
CCIR Comite Consultatif International des Radio Communications Abbreviation of the French name for the International Radio Communications Consultative Committee, now part of the ITU.
CCIS common-channel interoffice signaling In multichannel switched networks, a method of transmitting all signaling information for a group of trunks by encoding it and transmitting it over a separate channel using time-division digital techniques.
CCITT International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee French acronym for the international standards organization. Part of the United National ITU.
CCL Communications Control Language a file that dialers and browsers use to control the modem connection. These files should not be changed except by the supplied editor.
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Cisco Certified Network Associate
ccNSO Country Code Names Supporting Organization

the policy-development body for a narrow range of global issues regarding ccTLD within the ICANN structure.


CCOW Clinical Context Object Workgroup A group that defines standards for collaboration among applications on clinical workstations. Originally an independent consortium, CCOW is now technical committee of the HL7 standards organization.
CCP Certified Computer Professional The award for successful completion of a comprehensive examination on computers. Also Certificate in Computer Programming.
CCPM Critical Chain Project Management Lean methodology for doing projects

connet channel command retry

connet Cluster Continuous Replication

connet Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery

connet Continuity of Care Record

connet Current Cell Rate

connet In mainframe computing, the protocol used between a channel and a control unit that enables the control unit to request that the channel reissue the current command.

connet Microsoft Exchange's capability to replicate data between clustered nodes

connet An International Organization for Standardization's OSI application service element used to create atomic operations across distributed systems.

connet a document standard that functions as an ongoing record of a patient’s care.

connet The currently acceptable transmission rate for an end-system as defined by RM cells within ABR.


connet Centum Call Seconds

connet Coded Character Set

connet common channel signaling

connet Control Compliance Suite

connet One hundred call seconds or one hundred seconds of telephone conversation. One hour of telephone traffic is equal to 36 CCS (60 x 60 = 3600 divided by 100 = 36) which is equal to one erlang.

connet A character set in which each character is assigned a numeric code point.

connet A method of communicating telephony information and line signaling events (for example, call setup and call clearing) on a dedicated signaling channel.

connet Symantec's risk management product to provide end- user organisations with the ability to properly control, and accurately maintain, key IT compliance processes.

CCSA common control switching arrangement An arrangement in which switching for a private network is provided by one or more common control switching systems.
CCSE Checkpoint Certified Security Expert Checkpoint Certification. Stage 2 after completing the CCSA
ccTLD country code Top-Level Domain an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country or a dependent territory.

Closed-Circuit Television

A networked camera used for surveillance, process monitoring and other purposes.

CD Compact Disc An optical form of storage media, typically used for audio and software programs.
CD Table change-data table In SQL replication, a replication table on the Capture control server that contains changed data for a replication source table.
CDB capacity database capacity database
CDC call data channel The logical link between the device performing an electronic surveillance access function and the LEA (law enforcement agency) that primarily carries call-identifying information.
CDDI Copper Distributed Data Interface An American National Standards Institute specification for transmitting FDDI signals over copper media. CDDI runs on both shielded and unshielded twisted-pair cabling.
CDE common desktop environment popular commercial window manager (and much more -- as its name touts, it is more of a desktop environment) that runs under X-Windows. Free work-alike versions are also available.

connet Channel Definition Format

connet combined distribution frame

bA way of defining the server-push channels for accessing frequently changing web content.

connet A distribution frame that combines the functions of main and intermediate distribution frames and contains both vertical and horizontal terminating blocks.

CDFS compact disc file system Controls access to the contents of CD-ROM drives. Based on the ISO 9660 Standard (but extends it to allow long and double-byte filenames).
CDH Customer Data Hub Oracle MDM product

connet client device identification

connet Customer Data Integration

connet software detecting account takeovers, new account fraud and e-commerce fraud

connet combination of the technology, processes and services needed to create and maintain an accurate, timely, complete and comprehensive representation of a customer across multiple channels, business lines, and enterprises.

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
A digital cellular phone service that offers up to 20 times more call-handling capacity than conventional cellular systems by assigning a special electronic code to each signal.
CDN content-delivery network A network specializing in the delivery of streaming audio and video.
CDO care delivery organization A category of enterprises that use healthcare information systems. CDOs are organizations, such as hospitals and physician practices, whose primary mission is to deliver healthcare-related services.

connet Cisco Discovery Protocol

connet Continuous Data Protection

connet Used by Cisco Routers

connet technology provided by NetBackup RealTime
Protection captures every write at the LUN level

CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data A packet data protocol standard for sending wireless data, it was developed for use on cellular phone frequencies. It transmits data in packets on unused cellular channels (in the 800MHz to 900 MHz range).

connet call detail recording

connet clinical data repository

connet A means of capturing telephone system information on calls made for processing into management reports. Captured information includes who made the call, where it went and what time of day it was made.

connet A database for storage of clinical information in a computer-based patient record

CD-R Compact Disc—Recordable a type of CD that can be recorded by the user. CD-Rs have the same capacity and are readable in the same drives as ordinary CDs
CD-ROM compact disc read-only memory A version of the standard CD intended to store general-purpose digital data. CD-ROMs can store a wide variety of data, such as music, video and graphics.
CD-RW Compact disc-rewritable Replacing the CD-ROM in desktop computers is the CD-RW, standing for Compact Disc Rewritable. The CD-RW lets you create backup files or make music compilations by "writing" the files on the disc.
CDS Correlated Double Sampling Technology to clean the image signal during scanning
CDT C/C++ Development Tools Eclipse subproject working towards providing a fully functional C and C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Eclipse platform
CDV Cell Delay Variation A QoS parameter that measures the difference between the transfer delay of a single cell transfer delay and the expected transfer delay.
CE router Customer edge router A router that is part of a customer network and that interfaces to a provider edge (PE) router.
CEA Consumer Electronics Association CEA is the industry authority on market research and forecasts; consumer surveys; legislative and regulatory news; engineering standards; training resources. http://www.ce.org
CEAP cloud-enabled application platforms cloud-enabled application platforms
CEBP communication-enabled business process key capability of UC is that it offers a method to integrate
communication functions directly with business applications
CeCILL CEA CNRS INRIA Logiciel Libre Free Software license adapted to both International and French legal matters, in the spirit of and retaining compatibility with the GNU General Public License.

connet Cisco Express Forwarding

connet Character Encoding Form

connet Advanced, Layer 3 IP switching technology. It optimizes network performance and scalability for networks with large and dynamic traffic patterns

connet Mapping from a character set definition to the actual code units used to represent the data.

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Certification in IT security issued by The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council)

connet Common Event Infrastructure

connet comparably efficient interconnection

connet The implementation of a set of APIs and infrastructure for the creation, transmission, persistence, and distribution of business, system, and network Common Base Events.

connet An equal-access concept developed by the FCC..

CEIM Common Enterprise Information Model the ability to define actions and execute processes right from BI metadata
CELL/B.E. Cell Broadband Engine A breakthrough microprocessor with unique capabilities for applications requiring video, 3D graphics, or high-performance computation for imaging, security, visualization, health care, surveillance, and more.
cellphone Cellular Telephone A mobile, wireless telephone that communicates with a local transmitter using a short-wave analog or digital transmission.
CELP code-excited linear prediction An analog-to-digital voice coding scheme.
CEM customer experience management Aligning executive involvement, operational processes, organizational structure, and technology infrastructure to stimulate, anticipate, and satisfy customer needs.
CEMF Cisco Element Management Framework Collects fault information from various sources.Network elements, such as routers or switches, may report fault conditions as SNMP traps, Syslog messages
CEP complex event processing Sofware infrastructure that can detect patterns of events (and expected events that didn’t occur) by fltering, correlating, contextualizing, and analyzing data captured from disparate live data sources to respond as defned using the platform’s development tools.
CEPS Common Electronic Purse Standard A standard endorsed by Visa and American Express for electronic purse (e-purse) or stored-value applications on smart cards.
CER Corporate Error Reporting Tool that allows IT Administrators to manage error reports and error messages created by the Windows Error Reporting client (WER) in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
CERN Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire The original, French name of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. A nuclear research laboratory where the World Wide Web was invented.
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team A group formed in 1998 by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
CES Character Encoding Scheme

Consumer Electronics Show

A CES is character encoding form plus byte serialization. There are seven character encoding schemes in Unicode: UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-32, UTF-32BE, and UTF-32LE.

CES is a major technology-related trade show held each January in the Las Vegas Convention Center. http://cesweb.org/

CESID caller's emergency service identification The number used to identify the calling terminal within the context of the emergency service call.
CEVA content-enabled vertical application CEVAs typically help to automate complex processes that previously required workers to sort through paper documents and other forms of content manually.
CF Compact Flash a very small removable mass storage device. First introduced in 1994 by SanDisk Corporation, CF memory Cards weigh a half ounce and are the size of a matchbook. CF memory Card is the world's most popular removable mass storage device.

connet Circuit Facility Assignment

connet Color Filter Array

connet Allows Wholesale Access customers to validate the DS1/DS3 at system and channel Levels.

connet In digital imaging, CFAs assign a separate primary color to each pixel by placing a filter of that color over the pixel

CFB Ciphertext feedback a mode of operation for a block cipher. In contrast to the CBC mode, which encrypts a set number of bits of plaintext at a time, it is at times desirable to encrypt and transfer some plaintext values instantly one at a time, for which ciphertext feedback is a method.

connet Code Fragment Manager

connet Cubic Feet per Minute

connet the library manager and code loader for processes based on PEF (Preferred Executable Format) object files (in Carbon).

connet A measure of airflow, and you can use it to compare the efficiency of fans designed to cool computers or computer components.

CfMD Certified for Microsoft Dynamics a label for add-on products that ISV have built to expand the functionality of Dynamics
CFMN Client For Microsoft Networks 32-bit, protected-mode network client for Windows 9x that provides the redirector and other software components for Microsoft networking
CFV Call For Votes Initiates the voting period for a Usenet newsgroup. At least one email address is customarily included as a repository for the votes.
CG Computer Graphics graphics created using computers and, more generally, the representation and manipulation of pictorial data by a computer.
CGA Colour Graphics Adaptor A computer standard using digital signals offering a resolution of 320 by 200 pixels, a
palette of 16 colors.

connet Common Gateway Interface

connet Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique (french)

connet a set of rules for running scripts or programs on a Web server. When you submit information to a Web server, there's a good chance that the server is using a CGI script to receive and process the data.

connet "Information Systems and Management Consultants" in English, IT management and business process services (BPS) company. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada www.cgi.com

CGM Consumer-generated media any written, audio or video content created by end users, using basic or semiprofessional tools.
CGMP Cisco Group Multicast Protocol A form of IGMP snooping that lets the switch send multicasts only to the ports on a VLAN that are participating in the multicast
CHAP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol A security protocol used by a server to grant or deny system access based on a client-supplied password, which is encrypted prior to transmission.
Charset character set A set of characters used in Windows. Charsets refer to the same collections of characters as those defined by Windows code pages.
chat conversational hypertext access technology A form of interactive online typewritten communication that allows participants ("members") to engage in text-message conferencing, via real-time computer networking over designated communications facilities
CHIPS Clearing House Interbank Payments System A clearing system that processes very large payments (valued at an average of $1.4 trillion a day) in more than 27 countries.
ChR channel reliability The percentage of time a channel was available for use in a specified period of scheduled availability
cHTML Compact Hypertext Markup Language A proprietary version of HTML adopted by NTT DoCoMo for i-mode.
CIA confidentiality, integrity, and availability InfoSec dimensions.

connet circuit identification code

connet Cisco Info Center

connet Customer Interaction Center

connet A 12-bit number that identifies a trunk and channel on which a call is carried.

connet A service-level monitoring and diagnostics tool that provides network fault and performance monitoring, trouble isolation, and real-time service-level management for large networks

connet Interactive Intelligence's all-in-one software solution
includes telephony, audioconferencing, UM, rich presence with IM, business process automation.

CICS Customer Information Control System A software program designed to OLTP, it was developed by IBM. It is one of the most widely used programs for creating customer transaction systems.
CIDR Classless Internet Domain Routing A protocol that allows for variable-length addresses that allows for more- and less-specific routing information. This replaces the old class A, class B, class C routing scheme.
CIE Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage An organization that has established a number of widely-used color definitions. www.cie.co.at
CIFS Common Internet File System the file sharing protocol that forms the basis of Microsoft Windows networking. Formerly known as SMB (Server Message Block), it is also supported by UNIX and Linux systems using the Samba software package.
CIK crypto-ignition key device or electronic key used to unlock the secure mode of crypto-equipment.
CIM Common Information Model

Corporate Information Management

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Provides a common definition of management information for systems, networks, applications and services, and allows for vendor extensions

The organizational structure must be capable of managing this information throughout ... Information management is a corporate responsibility that needs to be ...

manufacturing approach of using computers to control the entire production process.

CINDER Cyber Insider Threat program soliciting from outsiders novel techniques to insider-threat detection
CIO chief information officer The top executive in charge of IT in an enterprise.
CIP Common Industrial Protocol an open industrial protocol for industrial automation applications.
CIPA Children’s Internet Protection Act a law passed by Congress in 2000 (47 USC 254) requiring libraries to use blocking programs to prevent access to Internet sites with objectionable content
CiR circuit reliability The percentage of time a circuit was available for use in a specified period of scheduled availability.
CIR committed information rate The average data rate that a carrier commits to support over a given virtual circuit between two end-user sites. The commitment is over a specified period of time, typically one month.

connet clinical information system

connet CompuServe Information Service

connet A system used by physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists to develop patient care plans, document care and interventions, monitor and record patient vital signs, manage orders and results, document medication administration, and measure patient outcomes.

connet now owned by Gateway Computer. CIS has a larger international membership than other US based services. HTTP://WWW.COMPUSERVE.COM

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer a computer with many different machine language instructions. The IBM PC, 68000-based
Macintosh, Pentium, IBM 370 mainframe, and VAX are CISC machines.
CISO chief information security officer The chief executive responsible for information security in an enterprise. The CISO's responsibilities often bridge the gap between technical security measures and security-related business practices and policies.
CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional A certification program administered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
CIX Commercial Internet Exchange

An agreeement among network providers that allows them to do accounting for commercial traffic. It is primarily a concern for network providers.

CJK / CJKV Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (Vietnamese) A reference to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. Sometimes a “V” for Vietnamese is added to the acronym.
CKD count key data In mainframe computing, a data-record format employing self-defining record formats
CKO chief knowledge officer The enterprise position responsible for articulating and championing an enterprise's knowledge management (KM) vision, and for providing enterprise level leadership for implementing and managing the KM program
C/kT carrier-to-receiver noise density In satellite communications, the ratio of the received carrier power to the receiver noise power density.
CLA Corporate License Agreement A licensing agreement option under Novell's "Customer Connections" program. It offers an alternative for midsize organizations that cannot qualify for Novell's Master License Agreement.
CLASS Custom Local Area Signaling Services A generic term describing several local service offerings such as incoming-call identification, call trace, call blocking, automatic return of the most recent incoming call, automatic re-dial, selective call forwarding, etc.
CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier A telephone company that competes with other local phone companies within an exchange, or calling area, to provide local telephone service
CLI connet Call Level Interface

connet Calling Line Identification

connet command line interface

connet An API for database access that provides a standard set of functions to process SQL statements, XQuery expressions, and related services at run time.

connet A mechanism whereby the number originating a telephone call is passed along with the call. The information allows the called party to know who is calling. In some cases callers can withhold display of their numbers.

connet A user interface to an operating system or application in which the user types instructions at "command line" prompt displayed on the screen.

CLIPS C Language Integrated Production System Productive development and delivery expert system tool which provides a complete environment for the construction of rule and/or object based expert systems
CLLI Common Language Location Identifier

11-character code that identifies the wire center from which a call originated.

CLM Contract lifecycle management an integral, back offce technology in many life science segments, including managed-care and payer organizations.
CLNP ConnectionLess Network Protocol The International Organization for Standardization's OSI protocol for providing the OSI Connectionless Network Service (datagram service).
CLOB character large object A data type that contains a sequence of characters (single-byte, multibyte, or both) that can range in size from 0 bytes to 2 gigabytes less 1 byte.

connet Cell Loss Ratio

connet common language runtime

connet A QoS parameter that gives the ratio of the lost cells to the total number of transmitted cells.

connet The runtime interpreter for all .NET Framework applications.

CLTP ConnectionLess Transport Protocol Provides for end-to-end Transport data addressing (via Transport selector) and error control (via checksum), but cannot guarantee delivery or provide flow control.
CLUSRCVR cluster-receiver channel A channel on which a cluster queue manager can receive messages from other queue managers in the cluster, and cluster information from the repository queue managers.
CLUSSDR cluster-sender channel A channel on which a cluster queue manager can send messages to other queue managers in the cluster, and cluster information to the repository queue managers.
CLUT Color LookUp Table The color options in a graphics system, arranged by index number. Typically, the system has a default color map. The index of colors in the color map can be reallocated, however, depending on the application.
CLV Constant Linear Velocity A technology which revolves around (no pun intended) rotating a disk at varying speeds. By changing rotation speed depending on which track is being accessed, the density of bits in each track can be made uniform.
CMA Circular Mil Area A unit of area equal to the area of a circle whose diameter is 1 mil (0.001 inch). Used chiefly in specifying cross-sectional areas of conductors.
CMC computer-mediated communication human communication via computers and includes many different forms of synchronous, asynchronous or real-time interaction that humans have with each other using computers as tools to exchange text, images, audio and video.
CMDB configuration management database CMDB is a database that contains all relevant information about the components of the information system used in an organization's IT services and the relationships between those components.
CME Common Malware Enumeration CME number is a unique, vendor-neutral identifier for a particular threat. The CME initiative is an effort headed by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), in collaboration with key organizations within the security community.
CMIP Common Management Information Protocol The International Organization for Standardization's OSI network management protocol.

connet common management information service

connet Content Management Interoperability Services

connet In OSI, the set of services defined by ISO 9595. The common management information service is used by agent processes and managing processes to communicate.

connet API support for interoperability

CMM Capability Maturity Model Strategy for improving the software process, irrespective of the actual life-cycle model used
CMOS complementary metal-oxide semiconductor a type of integrated circuit noted for its extremely low power consumption and its vulnerability to damage from static electricity. CMOS devices are used in digital watches, pocket calculators, microprocessors, and computer memories.
CMOT CMip Over Tcp An effort to use the International Organization for Standardization's OSI network management protocol to manage TCP/IP networks.
CMRR common-mode rejection ratio The ratio of the common-mode interference voltage at the input of a circuit, to the corresponding interference voltage at the output.
CMRS Commercial Mobile Radio Service

A radio communication service between mobile stations or receivers and land stations, or by mobile stations communicating among themselves, that is provided for profit, and that makes interconnected service available to the public.


connet Color management system

connet content management system

connet This ensures color uniformity across input and output devices so that final printed results match originals. The characteristics or profiles of devices are normally established by reference to standard color targets.

connet a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website.

CMTS cable modem termination system a system of devices located in the cable head-end that allows cable television operators to offer high-speed Internet access to home computers.
CNA Converged Network Adapter a technology that supports data networking (TCP/IP) and storage networking (Fibre Channel) traffic on a single I/O adapter.
CNAM Caller ID With Name Caller ID With Name
CNAME Canonical name
A host's official name as opposed to an alias. The official name is the first hostname listed for its Internet address in the hostname database.
CNE Certified Novell Engineer (also Certified Network Engineer) A certification initiated by Novell to qualify certain individuals that have demonstrated high standards of knowledge in the areas of hardware used in and software configuration of the Novell Network operating system.
CNGI China's Next Generation Internet Chinese: 中国下一代互联网, a five year plan initiated by the Chinese government with the purpose of gaining a significant position in the future development of the Internet through the early adoption of IPv6.
CNN Cable News Network

composite network node

Cable News Network (CNN) is a U.S. cable news channel founded in 1980 by Ted Turner. http://www.cnn.com/

A type 5 node and its subordinate type 4 nodes that support APPN network node protocols and appear to an attached APPN or LEN node as a single network node.


connet Carrier to Noise Ratio

connet combat-net radio

connet An indication of the quality of the modulated signal.

connet A radio operating in a network that (a) provides a half-duplex circuit and (b) uses either a single radio frequency or a discrete set of radio frequencies when in a frequency hopping mode.

CO central office
The telephone company's centralized switching facility, where subscriber loops terminate. The CO handles a specific geographical area (known as a local exchange), identified by the first "n" digits of the local elephone number.
CoA Care Of Address Temporary IP Address used by a mobile user when roaming onto a foreign IP network. It is used within mobile IP and can either be leased from the HA (Home Agent) or FA (Foreign Agent)
COAM customer owned and maintained User provided and serviced communications equipment and its associated wiring. 
coax coaxial (cable) Cable consisting of a hollow outer cylindrical conductor that surrounds a single inner wire conductor.
COBIT Control Objectives for Information and related Technologies a comprehensive approach to good IT practices. In its third revision, it offers a wide range of tools, guidelines, standards and a control framework for the management of information technologies.
COBOL Common Business Orientated Language Many mainframe computer applications were once written in this programming language.
COCOMO COnstructive COst MOdel A technique for estimating the effort and duration of a software project based on its estimated size created by Barry Boehm

connet Call of Duty

connet confirm on delivery

connet Connection Oriented Data

connet Call of Duty is a first-person and third-person shooter video game series. http://www.callofduty.com/

connet A feature of WebSphere MQ that allows a notification to be sent to a source application whenever a target application receives a message from the source application.

connet Data requiring sequential delivery of its component PDUs to assure correct functioning of its supported application, (e.g., voice or video).

CoDA Context Delivery Architecture an architectural style of business software that builds on SOA and event-driven architecture (EDA) interaction and partitioning styles, and that adds formal mechanisms for the software elements to discover and apply their context in real time.
CODEC coder/decoder or compressor-decompressor
A communications device used to convert analog signals to digital form for transmission over a digital medium, and back again to the original analog form. A codec is required at each end of the channel.
COE Component Object modEl the fundamental class of Microsoft's attempt to defuse the growth of Java platform-independent code.
COEs centers of excellence software management concept
COIN Community Of Interest Network A COIN provides a way of giving members of a shared-interest community access to privileged information.
COLD computer output to laserdisc A microfiche replacement system. COLD systems offer economies as a replacement medium when rapid or frequent access to archived documents is necessary.
colo co-location

Putting a web server in a dedicated facility that provides high-speed Internet connection, security, environment, backup power, and technical support.  Unlike the dedicated server, the client controls both hardware and software.  

com (.com) commercial One of several top-level domains assigned to URLs that are of a commercial nature. Other domain suffixes include .ac, .co, .mil, .gov, .net, .org, and a long list of country codes.

connet communications port

connet Component Object Model

connet computer output to microfiche

connet A port that allows an application to access a modem.

connet A specification that Microsoft developed for building software components that can be assembled into programs or that add functionality to existing programs running on Microsoft Windows platforms.

connet A system (also called "computer output to microfilm") in which digital data is converted into an image on dry-processed microfilm.

COMDEX Computer Dealers Expo A hardware and software exposition started in 1978, it has become the place to announce new product launches and to rub elbows with VCs and representatives from high-tech firms all over the world. In America, it takes place twice a year.
COMPAQ COMPatibilty And Quality Used to refer to the fact that their computers were both IBM PC compatible and very reliable. In 2002, Compaq merged with Hewlett-Packard.
COMPARE Compliance Progress and Readiness A scale introduced by Gartner in 1997 to assist business units, enterprises or business partners in measuring their progress toward year 2000 compliance.
COMSAT Communications Satellite Corporation A United States company created by an act of Congress in 1962 to provide communications via satellites. COMSAT leases satellite circuits to many American companies.
COOL C++ Object Oriented Language A Microsoft application development tool initiative and language; a predecessor to C#.
COOP Continuity of Operations Plan outlines steps that an agency will take in the event a disaster interrupts business.
Continuity plans require agencies to designate functions as essential or nonessential.
COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Legislation passed by the U.S. Congress in 1998 prohibiting the use of unfair or deceptive practices to gather personal information about individuals under the age of 13.

connet Common Open Policy Service

connet Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services

connet An IETF proposed standard defining a simple protocol for provisioning QoS by outsourcing policy-based admission control over requests for network resources

connet IT services in support of enterprise communications and connectivity include maintenance and support, consulting, application development, integration and ongoing management of IT and related business processes.

COR central outdoor router the central router in a multi-device WLAN.
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture a standard API for distributed object communication. CORBA was created by the Object Management Group. It is the most widely used distributed object standard for connecting operating system platforms from multiple vendors. HTTP://WWW.OMG.ORG.
CORE COMPARE Operational Readiness Evaluation Gartner's CORE risk assessment and reporting steps are used to define business operational risks, to report risks to management, investors, regulators and customers in a consistent form, and to determine when contingency and recovery strategies are required.
CORS Continuously Operating Reference Station network managed by the U.S. ofce of National Ocean Service (NOAA) to provide GNSS data consisting of carrier phase measurements throughout the United States.
CoS class of service
A classification method for providers to deliver different levels of QOS. Providers will typically offer a number of classes for different types of traffic, such as different COS for voice, video and data.
COS Cloud Optimized Storage EMC's cloud platform Atmos
COTS commercial off-the-shelf Descriptive term for software that can be purchased from an external supplier, as opposed to that which is developed within the enterprise.
COW Copy-On-Write Part of a snapshot, and keeps track of disk changes since the snapshot was taken.
CPA Cost Per Action for banner ads; the fee charged every time a user completes a desired action, such as filling out a form, downloading software, or viewing a series of pages.
CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Network an archive of over 16,000 modules of software written in Perl, as well as documentation for it
cPanel control panel industry standard web hosting control panel, cPanel provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for many Linux system administration tasks.

connet Calling Party Control

connet Cost Per Click

connet A short break in the line current in the called party’s phone line when the calling party hangs up; not the same as FLASH.

connet Term used by affiliate programs indicating a payment rate per advertisement click. or Pay Per Click

CPE customer premises equipment
Any telephone apparatus, including telephone handsets, PBX switching equipment, key and hybrid telephone systems, and add-on devices, that is physically located on a customer's property.
CPF Cloud Provisioning Fabric portability between different clouds
cpi characters per inch The number of characters printed horizontally within an inch across a page.
CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device A typical CPLD is the equivalent of two to 64 SPLDs. A CPLD typically contains from tens to a few hundred macrocells.
CPM corporate performance management CPM includes the processes used to manage corporate performance, such as strategy formulation, budgeting and forecasting; the methodologies that drive some processes, including the balanced scorecard, or value-based management.
CPN calling party number A set of digits and related indicators (type of number, numbering, plan identification, screening indicator, presentation indicator) that provide numbering information related to the calling party.
CPNI Customer Proprietary Network Information Information which is available to a telephone company by virtue of the telephone company's basic service customer relationship.
CPOE Computerized Provider Order Entry a computer application that allows a physician's orders for diagnostic and treatment services (such as medications, laboratory, and other tests) to be entered electronically instead of being recorded on order sheets or prescription pads.
CPRM Content Protection for Removable Media a hardware-based technology designed to enforce copy protection restrictions through built-in mechanisms in storage media that would prevent unauthorized file copying.
cps Characters Per Second Printing engine speed
CPS Continuous Protection Server Backup exec option allows administrators to continuously capture and back up data changes to allow administrators to restore data to any point in time
CPU Call Pick Up

Central Processing Unit

Critical Patch Update

CPU is PABX phone systems term

The CPU controls the computer, runs all the programs on the computer and processes all of the data and can be thought of as the 'brain' of the computer.

CPU is Oracle patch term

CRACK Challenge/Response Authentication of Cryptographic Key a protocol for the secure exchange of keys, used by Nokia primarily.
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check An error check in which the check key is generated by a cyclic algorithm
CRL certificate revocation list A list of certificates that have been revoked before their scheduled expiration date. Certificate revocation lists are maintained by the certificate authority and used, during a SSL handshake to ensure that the certificates involved have not been revoked.
CRLF carriage return, line feed a pair of ASCII codes, 13 and 10, that tell a terminal or printer to return to the beginning of the line and advance to the next line.
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRM refers to solutions and strategies for managing businesses' relationships with customers. With the advent of Web retailing, companies have found it hard to develop relationships with customers since the e-commerce interface is so impersonal.
CRMB Customer Reference Material Database IBM term
cROI companywide ROI The incremental cash flow -- cost savings and revenues -- generated by online retail technology throughout a multichannel company.
CRR Continuous Remote Replication Continuous Remote Replication
CRT Cathode Ray Tube CRT is the technology used in traditional computer monitors and televisions. The image on a CRT display is created by firing electrons from the back of the tube
CRUD Create, Read, Update, Delete Used to describe access rights for data.
crypto Cryptography The study of decryption and encryption technologies.

connet Computer science

connet Creative Suite

connet the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation, and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems.

connet a Web suite text and WYSIWYG Web page editor. Core applications from Macromedia Studio have been merged with Adobe CS since CS3, including Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks. http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/


connet cloud
service agreements

connet Communications Streaming Architecture

connet Composite Services Architecture

connet a disclaimer of liability relating to service quality and availability; disclaimer of liability for any third-party action; and unilateral rights to limit, suspend, or terminate the service.

connet Directly connects the Memory Controller Hub to the network controller. With CSA-based motherboards, network data can be transferred at a much higher rate with lower latency

connet OASIS Open CSA, which goal is to advance the SCA and SDO families of specifications, which will simplify the development of applications having SOA.


connet card security code

connet Circuit Switched Cellular

connet Computer Sciences Corporation

connet Content Security and Control

connet refer to CVV2

connet Offers wide coverage. Used for large data transfers

connet An IT consulting, outsourcing and system integration firm, founded in 1959 and headquartered in El Segundo, California. http://csc.com

connet Cisco ASA add-in modules for anti-X features (such as URL filtering, antivirus, anti-spam and antispyware)

CSCF call session control function
CSCF is a functional entity within IMS and part of 3GPP UMTS Reference Architecture.
CSCW computer supported co-operative work any technology system that relies on combinations of hardware and software resources to enable groups of people to collaborate and share technology.
CSD Cisco Secure Desktop allows secure VPN connections from remote PCs and offers functionality to ensure PCs meet administrator approved
CSE custom search engine The search engine that you create and customize using Google Custom Search.
Csel Cable Select This is basically Plug-and-Play ATA. You plug in your ATA/IDE hard drives, set them to CSEL (Cable Select), and they determine whether they are master or slave automatically, saving you from manual configuration.


critical success factors critical success factors
CSG Communications Services Group On May 1, 2009, TNS completed the acquisition of the CSG from VeriSign, Inc.
CSMA/CA Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance CSMA/CA is the medium access method used by IEEE 802.11 WLANs.
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection A protocol in which stations listen to the bus and only transmit when the bus is free. If a collision occurs, the packet is retransmitted after a random time-out. Ethernet uses CSMA/CD.

connet chief sourcing officer

connet Cold Start Only

connet An enterprise executive responsible for the implementation of successful dynamic sourcing strategies, and effecting these strategies through IT service delivery that uses an ever-changing resource pool.

connet In ISDN is a capability of a Network Terminator 1 (NT1)


connet Chip-scale packaging

connet Communications service providers

connet Crystal Server Pages

connet smaller "packages" for flash devices, such as FBGA and uBGA.

connet Communications service providers

connet A page that contains HTML/VB/JavaScript that is processed by the Web Component Server in the Crystal Enterprise eBusiness Framework

CSS Cascading Style Sheet
Cascading style sheets are used to format the layout of Web pages. They can be used to define text styles, table sizes, and other aspects of Web pages that previously could only be defined in a page's HTML.
CSS-P cascading style sheet positioning Use of a cascading style sheet to position Web page elements using pixel locations or locations relative to other elements.
CST Consolidated Service Test Enhances the way IBM tests and recommends maintenance packages for z/OS and OS/390 software, including the major subsystems

connet Certificate Signing Unit

connet Channel Service Unit

connet A tamperproof storage mechanism used by a certifying authority (CA) to store private keys.

connet Customer premises equipment that provides basic digital transmission at various speeds. Also AT&T unit that is part of the AT&T nonswitched digital data system.


connet Circuit Switched Voice

connet comma separated values

connet Support for CSV on an ISDN line allows for the placement of voice calls on an ISDN line.

connet Commonly used no-frills text file format used for import from and import to spreadsheets and SQL databases.

CSW channel status word An area in storage used to indicate the status of a device and channel involved in an I/O operation.

connet China Telecom


connet China Telecom Corporation Limited (Chinese: 中国电信) is a Chinese state-owned telecommunication company

connet An abbreviation for continuous tone. A color or greyscale image format capable of illustrating continuously varying tonal ranges, as opposed to line art.

CTCp Client-To-Client-Protocol a feature of some IRC clients
CTD Cell Transfer Delay A QoS parameter that measures the average time for a cell to be transferred from its source to its destination over a virtual channel (VC) connection.
CTI computer-telephony integration
The intelligent linking of computers with telephony, enabling coordinated voice and data transfers to the desktop.
CTO chief technology officer The enterprise position responsible for managing technology infrastructure and resources, including technology deployment, network and system management, integration testing, and developing technical operations personnel.
CTP capable to promise A system that allows an enterprise to commit orders against available capacity, as well as inventory. These systems are evolving to include multiple sites, as well as the entire distribution network.
CTR Click-Through Rate Web publishers typically generate revenue from advertisers each time a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements
ctrl control This refers to the Control key on your keyboard, it is often used for shortcuts.

connet clear to send

connet common transport semantics

connet A control packet used by a destination station to indicate its readiness to receive data. A destination station responds to a Request To Send (RTS) by transmitting a CTS.

connet The layer of the Networking Blueprint above the transport layer that makes the services of transport providers available to the transport user.

CTT China Tietong Telecommunications a major state-owned basic telecommunications operator in China. Its former name was China Railcom (China Railway Communication Corporation, Limited). http://www.chinatietong.com
CTX Commited to Excellence CTX Technology Corporation (Commited to Excellence)
CUG closed user group In data communication, a group of users who can communicate with other users in the group, but not with users outside the group. A data terminal equipment (DTE) may belong to more than one closed user group.
CUoD Capacity Upgrade on Demand An option available on certain IBM systems that allows a customer to activate additional processor capacity when needed.
CUPS Common Unix Printing System Provides a portable printing layer for UNIX-based operating systems. It is developed by Easy Software Products to promote a standard printing solution and is the standard printing system in MacOS X and most Linux distributions www.cups.org
CVP Content Vectoring Protocol A specification developed by Check Point Software, used for content screening and antivirus checking.

connet Computer Vision Syndrome

connet Concurrent Versions System

connet The name for eye and vision problems experienced during computer use. People are using light therapy to combat CVS (including ultraviolet and full-spectrum wavelengths).

connet A programming code management system.

CVSD Continuous Variable Slope Delta modulation A method of digit ally encoding speech using a one- bit sample to encode the difference between two successive signal levels, usually 32,000 times a second.
CVV2 / CVC / CVC2 Card Verification Value 2 / Card Verification Code /Card Validation Code 2 The last part of the code above the signature strip on modern credit and debit cards, which is often required by online shops to verify that the card is genuine.
CYMK cyan, magenta, yellow, black An abbreviation denoting the traditional four-color printing process; the name derives from the four ink colors used. The majority of printed color paper and photographic documents incorporate the CMYK process.
  C programming language developed at Bell Laboratories in the 1970s, based on the two earlier languages B (1970) and BCPL (1967).
  C# pronounced “C sharp”, a programming language developed by Anders Hejlsberg (the developer of Turbo Pascal and Delphi) for Windows programming under Microsoft’s .NET Framework.
  Cache Pronounced "Cash". A temporary storage area for frequently accessed information. The cache shortens the time it takes to access this information, relieves the burden from the main memory, and increases the overall speed of applications.
  carbon neutral also called carbon neutrality, used to describe the action of organizations, businesses and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each put in to it.
  Carnivore an Internet surveillance system developed for the U.S. FBI so that they could monitor the electronic transmissions of criminal suspects. Critics, however, charged that Carnivore did not include appropriate safeguards to prevent misuse and might violate the constitutional rights of the individual. The EPIC reported in early 2005 that the FBI had replaced Carnivore with other, unspecified surveillance software from commercial sources.
  carrier A network operator may market any number of communication services for voice and data. Carriers offer their services to both end-customers (private or business) and other carriers. In the latter case, the service simply consists of transport capacity for long-distance traffic.

connet A method of connecting circuits together in series to make the output of one, the input of the next. This kind of end-to-end connectivity is useful in extending the distance of a network.

connet A method of displaying several windows of information on a monitor.

  CE CE-marking is a European Union regulatory community sign. It symbolizes the compliance of the product with all essential requirements relating to safety, public health, consumer protection. http://www.eurunion.org/
  Centrex A service provided from a reserved section of the main public exchange that has been reprogrammed to act as if it were the exclusive PBX of an individual user, in other words a 'virtual' PBX.
  certificate Digital representation of user or device attributes, including a public key, that is signed with an authoritative private key.
  Channel Bank Channel terminal equipment used for combining (multiplexing) channels on a frequency-division or time-division basis.
  chip a miniaturized electronic circuit that has been manufactured in the surface of a thin substrate of semiconductor material
  Chrome a powerful Google browser that loads Web pages quickly and accurately. www.google.com/chrome
  cipher A cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt data that is unreadable until converted into plain data with a predefined key.
  clear channel A channel that uses out-of-band signaling (as opposed to in-band signaling), so the channel's entire bit rate is available.
  cloud computing Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. These services are broadly divided into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
  cluster process of connecting multiple servers together in order to provide greater overall system availability, performance, and capacity for your server platforms.
  compiler A software-development tool that translates high-level language programs into the machine-language instructions that a particular processor can understand and execute.
  Computer-Brain Interface interpret distinct brain patterns, shifts and signals as commands that can be used to guide a computer or other device.
  concurrent A way to measure the usage of software licenses. Rather than limiting usage based on the number of people who are entitled to use the software, a concurrent-use license places a limit on the number of people who may do so simultaneously.
  Convergence The consolidation of all communications - voice, data and video - onto a single network infrastructure.
  Cookie a piece of information sent by a Web Server to a Web Browser that the Browser software is expected to save and to send back to the Server whenever the browser makes additional requests from the Server.
  Craigslist Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities featuring free online classified advertisements, with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums. http://www.craigslist.org/
  Cut-through Technique for examining incoming packets where Ethernet switch looks only at first few bytes of packet before forwarding or filtering it. Faster than looking at whole packet but allows some bad packets to be forwarded.
  Cursor The representation of the mouse on the screen. It may take many different shapes. Example: I-beam, arrow pointer, and hand.