J for Java

Abbreviation Term Definition
J-code Japan code a slang nickname for the software written in Japanese companies, which has a reputation for being overly complex. J-code is also slang for rules that are enforced only to preserve a hierarchy of management. This refers to the multiple layers of management in Japanese business culture.
J2EE Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition A Sun Microsystems platform specification and branding initiative that provides a unifying umbrella for enterprise-oriented Java technologies. J2EE focuses on server-side, multitier services. J2EE includes the Java Server Pages, Java Servlets and Enterprise JavaBeans programming models, a number of protocols and application programming interfaces, a reference implementation, a test suite, and an application model.
J2ME Java 2 platform, Micro Edition refer to J2EE
J2SE Java 2 platform, Standard Edition refer to J2EE
JAAS Java Authentication and Authorization Service a package that enables services to authenticate and enforce access controls upon users. It implements a Java version of the standard Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) framework, and supports user-based authorization
JACK JACK Audio Connection Kit soundserver or daemon that provides low latency connections between so-called jackified applications. It is created by Paul Davis and others and licensed under the GPL. JACK is free audio software.
JAD joint application development a RAD (Rapid Application Development) concept, which involves cooperation between the designer of a computer system and the end user to develop a system that exactly meets the user's needs.
JAMES Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server a 100% pure Java server, designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail engine solution based on currently available open protocols
JAR Java Archive a file containing a collection of Java class files that can be downloaded more efficiently than would be possible if each file were downloaded separately.
JBIG Joint Bi-level Image experts Group This was (and is) a group of experts nominated by national standards bodies and major companies to work to produce standards for bi-level image coding. See also http://www.jbig.org/
JBL Jame B. Lansing (Jame B. Lansing) Speakers
JBOD Just a Bunch of Disks refers to drives that reside in their own enclosure external to the server, but contain no RAID intelligence. JBOD drives are dependent on the server for RAID functionality.
JCA Java
Connector Architecture
Java interoperability techniques
JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations An U.S. independent, not-for-profit organization devoted to healthcare standards setting and accreditation.
JCB job control block A group of data containing the execution-control data and the job identification when.
JCL Job Control Language JCL is a set of control statements punched onto computer cards used to direct the execution of computer programs and describe the input/output devices used on IBM computers running the OS/360 and later operating systems. JCL serves as a means of communication between the user's program and the system.
JCP Java Community Process A program created by Sun Microsystems to provide an open forum for Java developers, licensees and other members. JCP's charter is to develop Java technology specifications, reference implementations and technology compatibility kits.
JDBC Java DataBase Connectivity An application program interface specification for connecting programs written in Java to the data in a database. It is a Java API that enables Java programs to execute SQL statements and interact with any SQL-compliant database.
JDK Java Development Kit A software development package from Sun Microsystems that implements the basic set of tools needed to write, test and debugJava applications and applets
JEDEC Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council An international body of semiconductor manufacturers that set IC standards.
JES Job Entry Subsystem An IBM licensed program that receives jobs into the system and processes all output data that is produced by jobs.
JFK Just Fast Keying a simple protocol for establishing VPN sessions
JFS Journaling File System

connet The native file system in the AIX operating system.

connet A technology designed for high-throughput server environments, which are important for running intranet and other high-performance e-business file servers.

JIA Joint Innovation Assessment an engagement whereby a full audit of a client’s and a supplier's innovation capabilities can be assessed in order to prepare future joint innovation work or a joint innovation program.
JIT Just-in-time This is a type of Java compiler that interprets a class file, then compiles the information into native code.  
JITA Just In Time Activation Allows an objects to tell COM+ that its work is done and that it can be destroyed
JITT just-in-time training A training methodology in which users are trained in a technology just when they begin using it.
JJ Josephson Junction A thin insulating layer surrounded by superconducting material in a superconducting circuit.
JMS Java
Messaging Service
part of the Java EE specifications
JMX Java
Management eXtensions
Java API
JNI Java Native Interface A technology for bridging C-based code with Java.
JOA Joint Opportunity Assessment an engagement whereby a service provider helps his client elicit the requirement and the potential impact of a large project or an outsourcing project. JOA's typically include but are not limited to: strategic guidelines to improve work efficiency, business processes, TCO, etc
JOLAP Java Interface for OLAP A Java application programming interface for the J2EE environment. JOLAP supports the creation and maintenance of OLAP data and metadata, independent of vendor.
JPDL jBoss process definition language based on a model of nodes, transactions and actions. jPDL specifies an xml schema and mechanism to package all process definition related files.
JPEG / JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG (pronounced JAY-peg) is most commonly mentioned as a format for image files. JPEG format is preferred to the GIF format for photographic images as opposed to line art or simple logo art.
JRE Java Runtime Environment
The JRE is developed by Sun Microsystems (the creator of Java) and includes the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), code libraries, and components, which are necessary to run programs written in Java. The JRE is available for multiple computer platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Unix.
JS JavaScript a language that allows a web page to include commands to be executed by the web browser. For example, you may wish your web page to have dialog boxes that appear when the user clicks on certain places.
JSON JavaScript Object Notation A format for exchanging data that are structured as a collection of name-value pairs or an ordered list of values. JSON.org
JSP Java Server Page
This standard was developed by Sun Microsystems as an alternative to Microsoft's active server page (ASP) technology. JSP pages are similar to ASP pages in that they are compiled on the server, rather than in a user's Web browser. However, JSP is Java-based, whereas ASP is Visual Basic-based.
JSR Java
Specification Request
worked in the Java community
JTAG Joint Test Action Group the common name used for the IEEE 1149.1 standard entitled Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture for test access ports used for testing printed circuit boards using boundary scan.
JTC Join Transitive Closure Allows the DBMS optimizer to consider a join order other than those made available explicitly by the query's WHERE clause
JTC1 Joint Technical Committee created by ISO and IEC. It is comprised of standards organizations from over 75 countries, and is involved with setting standards for information processing.
JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System a software radio that will work with many existing military and civilian radios.
JVM Java virtual machine JVM s a set of computer software programs and data structures that use a virtual machine model for the execution of other computer
JVT job volume table A table that contains volume information obtained from data definition (DD) statements.
  J# pronounced “J sharp”, a programming language very similar to JAVA but implemented in the Microsoft .NET Framework; essentially a combination of Java and C#.

connet An error in which a faulty device (usually a NIC ) continuously transmits corrupted or meaningless data onto a network.

connet A sent data packet greater than the maximum 1518 bytes specified in IEEE 802.3.

connet an open XML protocol for message and presence exchange in real time between two points on the Internet.

  jack A connecting device having springs which make electrical contact with mating contacts of a plug. 
  Jailbreaking the act of bypassing the App Store as a means for distributing applications after installing unsupported software.


A high level programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems. Compiled Java code can run on most computers because Java interpreters and run time environments, known as Java VMs. http://www.java.com

  JavaScript A scripting language targeted specifically to the Internet. It is the first scripting language to fully conform to ECMAScript, the Web's only standard scripting language. Despite its name, JavaScript is not a derivative of Java; its origin is Netscape's Livescript language.
A slight movement of a transmission signal in time or phase, which can introduce errors
and loss of synchronization for high-speed, synchronous communications.
  Joe job an e-mail spoofing exploit in which someone sends out huge volumes of spam that appear to be from someone other than the actual source. A Joe job is sometimes conducted as an act of revenge on someone who reports a spammer to their ISP or publicly advocates anti-spam legislation.
  Joomla! a free, open source content management system written with PHP for publishing content on the world wide web and intranets using a MySQL database.
  jQuery a library that makes it quicker and easier to build JavaScript webpages and web apps. Often with jQuery you can write a single line of code to achieve what would have taken 10-20 lines of regular JavaScript code. jQuery
jQuery Countdown A jQuery plugin that sets a div or span to show a countdown to a given time.
  jumbo frames Jumbo frames are large IP frames used in high-performance networks to increase performance over long distances.
  Junk Mail Unsolicited email.
  Jython an implementation of PYTHON based on JAVA. See www.jython.org.