Q for query

Abbreviation / acronyms Term Definition
QA Quality Assurance The practice of checking hardware, software, or systems for defects, identifying such defects, and then checking to make sure that such defects are corrected when future revisions of software or hardware are ready for testing.
QAM quadrature amplitude modulation QAM is a method of combining two amplitude-modulated (AM) signals into a single channel, thereby doubling the effective bandwidth. QAM is used with PAM in digital systems, especially in wireless applications.
QAT Quantity Above Threshold Indicator

The sum of itemized call minutes that exceeds the minimum threshold of 1500 Minutes of Usage (MOU) that is eligible for a volume discount.


connet QuickBASIC

connet Quickbooks

connet a descendant of the BASIC programming language that was developed by the Microsoft Corporation for use with the MS-DOS operating system.

connet A general accounting system from Intuit, Inc. QuickBooks

QBDG Query Based Distribution Group A type of distribution group introduced in Exchange 2003. It provides similar functionality to that of a standard distribution group, what is different is that it does not contain a fixed list of members but is defined using a query. This allows the group membership list to be generated dynamically on demand using the query.
QBDL Query Based Distribution List More commonly known as a Query Based Distribution Group
QBL Query By Example QBE is a method of query creation that allows the user to search for documents based on an example in the form of a selected text string or in the form of a document name or a list of documents. Because the QBE system formulates the actual query, QBE is easier to learn than formal query languages, such as the standard SQL, while still enabling powerful searches.
QCIF Quarter Common Intermediate Format videoconferencing format that specifies data rates of 30 fps, with each frame containing 144 lines and 176 pixels per line.
QD Queuing Delay refers to the delay imposed on a cell by its having to be buffered because of unavailability of resources to pass the cell onto the next network function or element.
QDF Quicken Data File File name extension by Intuit
QDOS Quick And Dirty Operating System An early personal computer operating system rumored to be the forerunner of PC-DOS and MS-DOS.
QDR Quad Data Rate a type of static RAM computer memory that can transfer up to four words of data in each clock cycle.
QEMM Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager DOS and Windows memory manager from Quarterdeck Office Systems, Santa Monica, California; used for IBM PCs with an Intel 80386 or higher processor.
QFE Quick Fix Engineering QFE is a Microsoft term for the delivery of individual service updates to its operating systems and application programs such as Word. Formerly called a hotfix, "QFE" can be used to describe both the method of delivering and applying a patch or fix, and also to refer to any individual fix.
QFP Quoted For Permanence an integrated circuit package with leads extending from each of the four sides.
QI Query Interface database system that can be accessed by phone client programs to retrieve and edit entries in the server. This is generally used for phonebook services, but can be used in any database application.
qic Quarter-Inch Cartridge a standard for magnetic tape drives. QIC tapes are among the most popular tapes used for backing up personal computers. QIC tapes are divided into two general classes: full-size (also called data-cartridge) and minicartridge.
QIF Quicken Interchange Format File format for financial data
QIP quality improvement process A team-based, structured, problem-solving process aimed at achieving exceptional customer satisfaction. 
QIX NASDAQ Information Exchange protocol QIX is a proprietary specification intended to streamline automated trading in the financial industry. QIX, like the open-standard Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol and the computer-to-computer interface (CTCI), supports multiple communications formats.
QLLC Qualified Logical Link Control protocol transfers IBM SNA data over an X.25 network.
QMF Query Management Facility An IBM mainframe query and report-writing product for relational database management systems.
QMS Quality Micro Systems A Mobile, Alabama manufacturer of laser printers. QMS made one of the first PostScript printers.
QName qualified name

connet The name of the library containing the object and the name of the object.

connet A data name explicitly accompanied by a specification of the class to which it belongs in a specified classification system.

connet In C++, a name that is used to qualify a nonclass type name, such as a member, by its class name.

connet A data set name consisting of a string of names separated by periods

connet A name that conforms to the Namespaces in XML specification.


quality of experience

The measurement of overall customer satisfaction before, during, and after a transaction.


quality of service

connet Any operation that allows traffic priorities to be designated. Different traffic throughout a network can be classified and administered.

connet In OSI, a value that specifies certain performance characteristics of a service, session, or link.

connet A set of communication characteristics required by an application. QoS defines a specific transmission priority, level of route reliability, and security level.

connet A measure of system performance and system availability.

connet A policy that collects performance data for HTTP transactions for one or more Web servers

QP Quantum Programming A programming paradigm that extends traditional object-oriented programming with two additional fundamental concepts: hierarchical state machines and computing based on active objects.
QPM QoS Policy Manager A Cisco Systems offering.
QPS Queries-per-second QPS is a measure of how much traffic a particular query server is handling at a given time. On the Internet, the activity in the collection of servers that serve as the domain name system is sometimes measured in queries-per-second.
QPSK Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying A method of modulating digital signals using four phase states to code two digital bits per phase shift.
QR code Quick Response code Created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994, a "QR code" is a matrix code (which is a two-dimensional bar code) that is a two-dimensional way of representing information. It is similar to a linear (1-dimensional) bar code, but has more data representation capability.
QSA Qualified Security Assessor company approved by the PCI SSC to conduct PCI DSS on-site assessments.
QSIG Q signaling Q signaling is a protocol for ISDN communications based on the Q.931 standard, is used for signaling between digital PBXs. QSIG is employed in VoIP networks, VPNs, and high-speed, multi-application networks for corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies.
QT QuickTime This is a multimedia technology developed by our friends at Apple Computer. It is a popular format for creating and storing sound, graphics, and movie (.mov) files. Though it is an Apple technology, QuickTime software is available for both the Mac and the PC. check out Apple's QuickTime site
QTM Quadratic Texture Mapping This is a technology used with NVidia based 3D graphics boards that dramatically speeds up texture mapping and screen redrawing (refreshing) by reducing the amount of work required. NVidia chips use fewer polygons to render an acceptable looking rounded object.
QTSS QuickTime Streaming Server A technology that lets you deliver media over the Internet in real time.
QTVR QuickTime Virtual Reality QTVR is a 3-D, virtual reality version of Apple's Quicktime multimedia software. QTVR uses multiple still shots to compile a 3-D view of space.
QTW QuickTime for Windows Multimedia software from Apple Computer that integrates full-motion video and sound into application programs.
Quagi quad and Yagi An antenna consisting of both full wavelength loops (quad) and Yagi elements.
QVGA Quarter Video Graphics Array QVGA is a small-screen display mode in which the resolution is 320 pixels horizontally by 240 pixels vertically (320 x 240). This is 25 percent of the total number of pixels afforded by the VGA (Video Graphics Array) display mode originally introduced by IBM in 1987.
QXGA Quad ((or Quantum) eXtended Graphics Array a display mode in which the resolution is 2048 pixels horizontally by 1536 pixels vertically (2048 x 1536). This results in 3,145,728 pixels in the image (sometimes referred to as 3.2 million pixels). This resolution is twice the 1024 x 768 seen on most high powered units.
  Q-Band also known as V-Band, is a radio bandwidth range between 40 GHz t0 50 GHz.
QQ Tencent QQ, generally referred to as QQ, is the most popular free instant messaging computer program in mainland China. http://www.qq.com/
  quad A cable containing two twisted pairs of conductors.
  quad core processor contains four cores
  Quantum computing / theory Data is represented as linked qubits (quantum bits), which have the ability to represent all possible states simultaneously. This gives quantum computers the ability to operate exponentially faster than conventional computers as the word length is increased.
  quarantine A term used to isolate spam e-mail messages, it is often seen in anti-spam software. Once you quarantine the suspect messages, you must then delete them.

connet A queue is a list of jobs that are awaiting to be processed. When when a job is sent to a queue, it is simply added to the list of jobs.

connet A temporary delay in providing service caused by the inability of the particular system to handle the number of messages or calls attempted

  Query In computers, what a user of a search engine or database enters is sometimes called the query. To query (verb) means to submit a query (noun).
This term is used to describe a standard (Latin alphabet-based) keyboard. Why? Because the first six keys in the upper-left part of the keyboard spell out Q-W-E-R-T-Y. I suppose you could call it a QWERTYUIOP keyboard, but QWERTY is a lot easier to say.