Z for zone

abbreviation / acronyms Term Definition
ZAPP Zero Assignment Parallel Processor A virtual tree machine architecture in which a process tree is dynamically mapped onto a fixed, strongly connected network of processors communicating by message passing.
ZAW Zero Administration Window A Microsoft initiative launched in 1997 to lower the TCO associated with the Windows platform by reducing costs associated with administration. Many of components introduced under the ZAW umbrella were incorporated as regular functionality within Windows 2000.
ZB Zettabyte Unit of storage. Often abbreviated to ZB. 1 ZB = 2 to the seventieth power bytes = 1,180,591,620,717,411,303,424 bytes = 1024 exabytes . 1024 zettabytes = 1 yottabyte.
ZBR Zero Bug Release Point in the software development at which all features are correctly implemented and have no bugs logged against them
ZBR / ZCAV Zoned-bit recording / Zone Constant Angular Velocity ZBR is a method of physically optimizing the utilization of a hard drive by placing more sectors in the outer tracks than in the inner tracks. This technique is also known as zone-bit recording, zone recording, zone-density recording, or multiple-zone recording.
ZBTSI Zero Byte Time Slot Interchange A technique used with the T carrier Extended Superframe Format (ESF) in which an area in the ESF frame carries information about the location of all-zero bytes, eight consecutive zeros, within the data stream.
ZCS zero code suppression A coding method used with alternate mark inversion to prevent sending eight successive zeros. If eight successive zeros occur, the second-least significant bit is changed from a 0 to a 1. AMI with ZCS does not support clear channel operation.
ZCT zero count table used in deferred reference counting to record objects whose reference counts have dropped to zero but which have not been processed to see if they can be reclaimed.
ZDBop Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation The division of Ziff-Davis, Inc. that develops the benchmark programs used by Ziff-Davis publications, including BatteryMark, BrowserComp, MacBench, NetBench, ServerBench, WebBench, WinBench, and Winstone.
ZDL Zero Delay Lockout Technology designed to prevent beaconing stations from entering into a Token Ring by locking out faulty stations.
ZDN / ZDNet Ziff Davis Network Largest computer publication company network: www.zdnet.com
ZDO ZigBee Device Object a protocol in the ZigBee protocol stack, is responsible for overall device management, and security keys and policies. The ZDO is like a special application object that is resident on all ZigBee nodes.
Zeroconf zero configuration (IP networking) a method of networking devices via an Ethernet cable without requiring configuration and administration.

connet Zettabyte File System

connet zSeries File System

connet A distributed file system from Sun that was added to OpenSolaris in 2005 and Solaris 10 in 2006.

connet A distributed file system from IBM for its zSeries mainframes. In zFS, storage management is separated from file management.

ZIF Zero Insertion Force
ZIF is a type of CPU socket on a computer motherboard that allows for the simple replacement or upgrade of the processor. Processors that use a ZIF socket can easily be removed by pulling a small release lever next to the processor and lifting it out. The replacement processor is then placed in the socket and secured by pushing the lever in the opposite direction
ZIL Zork Implementation Language Language used by Infocom's Interactive Fiction adventure games. Interpreted by the zmachine, for Unix and Amiga.
zine electronic magazine an earlier usage in print media that derived from magazine and described "small press" or personally distributed magazines or newsletters.
ZINK Zero INK An inkless printing technology from ZINK Imaging, LLC., Waltham, MA www.zink.com) that was introduced in early 2007. The ZINK paper contains layers of dye crystals that turn color when activated by heat.
ZIP Zone Information Protocol AppleTalk session layer protocol that maps network numbers to zone names. ZIP is used by NBP to determine which networks contain nodes that belong to a zone.
ZLE zero-latency enterprise A strategy that aims for instantaneous awareness and appropriate responses to events across an entire virtual enterprise. As soon as new information is captured by any application, it is made available to all other interested parties. The ZLE concept is closely related to that of the RTE, a strategy to progressively remove delays in the execution of an enterprise's critical business processes.
ZMA Zone Multicast Address A data-link-dependent multicast address at which a node receives the NBP broadcasts directed to its zone.
ZNA Zero Network Administration all registration, profiles, policy kept in 1 place
ZOPE Z Object Publishing Environment free, open source Web application platform used for building high-performance, dynamic Web sites. HTTP://WWW.ZOPE.ORG
ZRTP (Zimmerman ) Real-Time Transport Protocol a VoIP encryption extension for the RTP. The "Z" in "ZRTP" is the first letter of the surname of Phil Zimmermann, an engineer best known for inventing PGP. ZRTP is a part of a SDK for an encryption program Zimmerman created called Zfone.
ZTE Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment a Chinese corporation that designs and manufactures telecommunications equipment and systems http://www.zte.com.cn
ZTLP Zero Transmission Level Point In telephony, a reference point for measuring the signal power gain and losses of telecommunications circuit at which a zero dBm signal level is applied and used for system design and testing.
zsh Z shell A UNIX command interpreter.
ZV port / ZVP Zoomed Video port ZV port is a technology that supports the delivery of full-screen motion video and multimedia to notebook computers. The ZV port allows special software and a version of the PC Card called a ZV Port Card to provide a separate dedicated, point-to-point bus or path from continuously arriving video signals directly to the display controller. ZV ports are provided in IBM, Toshiba, and other manufacturers' notebook computers.
  zapping Considered to be the lowest form of software programming known to mankind, it involves altering the assembly code in hex format after it has been output from a complier or assembler. Typically done when there is a compiler bug, the proper data is not being generated, or the original source code was lost.
  zero day a software vulnerability that has been exploited by malicious hackers on or before the day the software creators become aware of the problem
  Zero Wait State Refers to a system that allows the processor to work at full clock speed regardless of the clock speed of RAM.
  ZigBee (alliance / modules)

connet A vendor initiative started by Philips Semiconductor, Honeywell and Invensys Metering Systems and now including more than 20 companies. It is responsible for developing applications for technology based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard

connet modules are essentially transceiver modules that add wireless networking capabilities to electronic devices. They are used in remote monitoring machine-to-machine communications, automation systems in home and offices, fridges, wireless sensor networks along with other applications.

  -zilla an English slang suffix, a back-formation derived from the English name of the Japanese movie monster Godzilla. It is popular for the names of software and websites. This trend has been observed since the popularization of the Mozilla Project
  zine Small, often free magazine, usually produced by hobbyists and amateur journalists.
  zip (file)
connet An open standard for compression and decompression used widely for PC download archives.

connet Windows users will see this term a lot when looking for files on the Internet. A zip file (.zip) is a "zipped" or compressed file. "Zipping" a file involves compressing one or more items into a smaller archive. www.winzip.com

  zip drive a large capacity floppy disc drive developed by IOMEGA Corporation. Used for backing up important data.

connet a computer that a remote attacker has accessed and set up to forward transmissions (including spam and viruses) to other computers on the Internet. also known as a zombie army

connet an abandoned, unkept or sadly out-of-date Web site.

connet A user that surfs the web hours on end and never seems to sleep or tire.

  zone A logical group of network devices.
  zSeries IBM's 64-bit mainframe product line, which includes its z800, z900 and z990 mainframe servers. The zSeries products are a re-branding of, and major upgrade to, IBM's S/390-class mainframe computers.
  zune The Zune is a portable digital media player from Microsoft . The first version, released in November of 2006, is about the size of a deck of playing cards and weighs 5.6 ounces.