V for virtual machine

abbreviation / acronyms term definition
V.35 An ITU interface specification for data transmitted at 48 kilobits per second.
v-mail Video mail Sending video clips as attachments to e-mail messages.
V H Vertical and horizontal grid points used to determine straight-line mileage between locations. The junction point is the called V and H coordinate.
V2P Virtual to physical refers to the migration of an operating system (OS), application programs and data from a virtual machine or disk partition to a computer's main hard disk. The target can be a single computer or multiple computers.
VA virtual assistant a conversational, computer-generated character that
simulates a conversation to deliver voice- or text-based information to a user via a Web, kiosk or mobile interface.

Value-Added Distributor

Voice Activity Detection

Analogous to value-added reseller (IT trade term).

A technology that recognizes when a person is speaking and when a person is silent to suppress sending unnecessary noise across a telecommunications line.

VADP vStorage APIs for Data Protection VMware's replacement for VCB, integrates backup functionality via vStorage APIs
VAIO Video Audio Integrated Operation Sony notebook brand
VAN Value-Added Network VANs are public networks that add value to the basic communication provided by common carriers by offering specialized services such as access to commercial data bases, E-mail and video conferencing.
VAR value-added reseller An organization that buys equipment from a vendor at a discount, adds value (such as application software packaged and sold with underlying system software) and remarkets it.
VAROS VAriable Refraction Optical System Scanner technology by Canon
VATH Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Haptic Modalities in Avatar-based Real Time Distributed Virtual Environment.
VAX Virtual Address Extension The Digital architecture that was the company's principal product line prior to the Alpha. VAX was enormously successful in DEC's traditional engineering and scientific customer base.
VB Visual Basic software product developed by Microsoft. Its purpose is to bring programming down to a drag-and-drop level to speed up development cycles.
VBA Virtual backup appliance

Visual Basic for Applications

VBA is a virtual machine used to back up other virtual machines

VBA is the application edition of Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language

vBNS very high-speed Backbone Network Service The next generation Internet. Sponsored by the NSF and implemented by MCI, vBNS presently supports data transfer rates of 622Mbs and is expected to eventually support 2.5Gbs speeds.

variable bit rate

Very Busy Run

QoS class defined by the ATM Forum for ATM networks. VBR is subdivided into a real time (RT) class and non-real time (NRT) class. VBR (RT) is used for connections in which there is a fixed timing relationship between samples.

IT slang for Very Busy Run, meaning a high traffic network or segment of a network.

VBUG Voice Browser Usability Group A group within the W3C developing voice portal usability guidelines and best practices.
VBX Visual Basic Custom Control A software module that can be used in many different applications. VBXs were originally created to to make it easy to develop Windows applications with Visual Basic, but can be used in other environments.
Veronica Very Easy Rodent Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives Developed at the University of Nevada, Veronica was a constantly updated database of the names of almost every menu item on thousands of gopherservers. Now made obsolete by web-bases search engines.


Virtual Channel

virtual circuit

A real-time video session between two or more users or between two or more locations.

A connection established between end users, in which packets are forwarded along the same path and bandwidth is not permanently allocated until it is used.

Logical circuit created to ensure reliable communication between two network devices. A virtual circuit is defined by a VPI/VCI pair, and can be either PVC or SVC.

VCB VMware Consolidated Backup VMware Infrastructure feature
VCC Voice Call Continuity VCC is a key aspect of the IMS promise of a seamless user experience.
VCD Video Compact Disc This technology was developed by Sony and Philips in 1993, and allows around 70 minutes of compressed MPEG-1 video/audio to be stored on a CD.
VCDX VMware Certified Design Expert VMware Certified Design Expert
VCI Virtual Channel Identifier
Stands for "Virtual Channel Identifier." The VCI, used in conjunction with the VPI (virtual path indicator), indicates where an ATM cell is to travel over a network. ATM, or asynchronous transfer mode, is a method that many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use to transfer data to client computers.
VCM Virtual Channel Memory A type of memory developed by NEC. VCM memory adds some low latency SRAM registers onto standard SDRAM, much like EDO compared to Fast Page Mode memory.
VCO voltage-controlled oscillator An oscillator with an output frequency that is a function of an input voltage.

Value Chain Planning

VMware Certified Professional

Oracle's SCP capabilities

designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their expertise in virtual infrastructure www.vmware.com/certification/

VCR video cassette recorder An analog magnetic recording and playback machine. Usually used for recording and viewing full-motion video; also useful as a data backup device.
VD Virtual Disk object presented to the host level for user data storage. At least one physical disk is
associated with a VD.
Vdeck Video Deck A Super 8 mm tape drive from Sony which can be connected to a computer via the serial port.
VDI Virtual desktop infrastructure practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. VDI is a variation on the client/server computing model, sometimes referred to as server-based computing (SBC). The term was coined by VMware Inc.
VDR virtual deal room a secure, Web-based virtual data room that complements or replaces the paper-based deal room that contains all relevant information needed during the due diligence phase.

Variable Drop Size

visual data stream

Printing technology by NEC

In bidirectional text representation, a stream of data that is organized in the sequence in which the data is presented on the screen.

VDSL very high-speed digital subscriber line Extremely high-speed DSL connections over short distances.
VDT Video Display Terminal A computer terminal with monitor and keyboard; sometimes VDT refers to only the monitor.
VDU Visual Display Unit includes a keyboard for input data and a screen for displaying output. The oldest and most popular type of VDU screen is the CRT, which uses essentially the same technology as a television screen.
VEP vertical enterprise portal A portal that typically includes a business application and focuses on a specific business function (e.g., investment or customer service) of an enterprise — unlike a HEP, which serves a broad enterprise population.
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association An organization to help standardize how PCs implement video technologies. The first standard this organization created was the 800x600 pixel Super VGA (SVGA) display and its software interface. HTTP://WWW.VESA.ORG
VF Voice Frequency Voice Frequency
VFM virtual file manager IBM System Storage N series VFM software is a comprehensive solution for managing unstructured file data.

NetApp VFM simplify your file services and maximize productivity

VGA Video Graphics Array A hardware display and software resolution standard for personal computers.
VGF voice grade facility Circuit designed to DDD network standards, making it suitable for voice, low-speed data, facsimile or telegraph service.
VHD Virtual Hard Drive File format containing the complete contents and structure representing a Hard Disk Drive, and is used to store virtual operating systems and their associated programs in a single file by various virtualization programs or a virtual machine
VHDL VLSI Hardware Description Language an industry standard format for describing integrated circuit logic and behavior.
VHF very high frequency range of the radio spectrum is the band extending from 30 MHz to 300 MHz. The wavelengths corresponding to these limit frequencies are 10 meters and 1 meter.
VHDTS Very High Density Thumb Screw 68-pin SCSI connector with manually screwable screws
VHLL Very-High-Level Language A high-level language that is very structured, having strict rules that must be followed.
VHM Voice Health Monitor Helps system administrators and network managers determine and maintain the stability of the VoIP network within their enterprise by using a series of availability and health checks
VHS video home system A videocassette format.
Vodcast video
A podcast is a short video clip that is broadcast over the Internet.
VIC Voice Interface Card connects the system to either the PSTN or to a PBX.
VIM Vendor Independent Messaging An API defined by Apple Computer, Inc.; Borland International, Inc.; Lotus Development Corporation; and Novell, Inc.
Vines VIrtual NEtwork System a client/server network designed and marketed by Banyan
VIO virtual input/output A type of storage group that allocates data sets to paging storage, which simulates a direct access storage device (DASD) volume.
VIP VeriSign Identity Protection cloud-based authentication service that enables enterprises to secure online access and transactions to help obtain compliance and reduce fraud risk
VITAL VHDL Initiative for the Standardization of ASIC
A standard for defining the format of integrated circuit simulation libraries.
VIVO Video In Vide o Out a graphics card port which enables some video cards to have bi-directional video transfer, originally through a Mini-DIN connector and a specialized splitter cable, but now meaning any kind of video that has both input and output capability.
VLA Volume License Agreement A software licensing option offered under the Novell "Customer Connections" program, with an entry point that opens discounts to smaller organizations.
VLAN virtual local-area network A set of systems that, regardless of higher-layer addressing or location, is designated as a logical LAN and treated as a set of contiguous systems on a single LAN segment. VLANs can be proprietary or standardized using the IEEE 802.1q specification.
VLC VideoLan Client Highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. See also http://videolan.org
VLDB very large database A database measured in terabytes.
VLE Virtual Learning Environment A browser dependent software system that enables online interaction between learner and tutor. It combines methods of online communication (such as chatroom, discussion boards and e-mail) with the ability to deliver learning materials

Very Low Frequency

Virtual Log File

Electromagnetic frequencies in the range of 3 to 30 kiloherz. VLF radiation has been a source of health concerns in the use of computer monitors.

SQL Server transaction log logical segment

VLIW Very Long Instruction Word A microprocessor architecture different from CISC and RISC. VLIW uses encoded instructions that are even more complex than the instructions used in CISC.
VLK Volume License Key A single license key which can be used on a number of computers to install a given product. A volume license key is typically issued to an individual company after purchasing a site license for a product.
VLL Virtual Leased Line way to provide Ethernet based point to point communication over IP/MPLS networks.
VLR Visitor Location Register contains all subscriber data required for call handling and mobility management for mobile subscribers currently located in the area controlled by the VLR.
VLS Virtual Library Systems HP StorageWorks backup and recovery solutions
VLSI Very Large Scale of Integration The process of placing more than 100,000 transistors on one chip
VLSM Variable Length Subnet Masking Used in conjunction with CIDR subnetting. In CIDR, without VLSM, all subnet segments can be any number of bits long, but all segments must be the same length. With VLSM, subnet segments can be defined which use different CIDR masks for each subnet segment, resulting in very economical use of available IP addresses.
VM virtual machine

An instance of a data-processing system that appears to be at the exclusive disposal of a single user

An abstract specification for a computing device that can be implemented in different ways in software and hardware.

VMDQ Virtual Machine Device Queues part of the Intel VT-c suite for virtualization environments on Intel Ethernet server adapters.
VMEbus VersaModule Eurocard bus an alternative to the PC bus, S-100 bus and others. The original design was 32-bit bus developed jointly by Motorola, Signetics, Mostek and Thompson CSF.
VMI vendor-managed inventory vendor-managed inventory
VML Vector Markup Language An application of XML used for the markup of vector graphic information in the same way that HTML is used for the markup of text.
VMM virtual machine monitor host program that allows a computer to support multiple and identical execution environments in virtualization technology.

Virtual Memory System

Vocabulary Management Solution

Voice Message Service

A multiuser, multitasking, virtual memory operating system for the VAX series from Digital Equipment.

provides the tools for a software knowledge management system that can be used on both intranets and extranets for managing taxonomies, thesauri, classification schemes, and provides users with the capability to control files and indexes.

An Ericsson service that transmits information between DirectTalk and certain switches.

VNC Virtual Network Computing A remote display system which allows you to view a computing 'desktop' environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures.
VNL via net loss The lowest loss in decibel (dB) at which a trunk facility can be operated considering limitations of echo, crosstalk, noise and singing.
VNO virtual network operator virtual network operator is a provider of management services and a reseller of network services from other telecommunications suppliers that does not own the telecommunication infrastructure.

Video On Demand

A service which allows you to choose from a menu displayed on your TV, a video, TV programme, or training material and play it in real time on your TV.


voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is the transmission of voice communications over IP data networks, such as IP-based LANs, intranets or the Internet. VoIP is defined as basic voice transport and, as opposed to IP telephony, VoIP does not support any telephony features.

Voken virtual token an advertisement that appears over the contents of a browser window, but not in a window of its own.
VOM Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter An electronic measuring device to measure voltage, amperage, resistance, electron direction flow and continuity.
VOP Velocity of Propagation the speed of a signal in relation to the speed of light in a vacuum (186,400 miles per second)
vortal Vertical portal A portal that caters to consumers within a particular industry (sometimes called a "vertical industry"). Vertical portals, also called "vortals," use Internet technology to offer the same kind of personalization tools that portals do. Another kind of vortal caters solely to other businesses rather than to an industry's consumers.
VOX Voice Operated eXchange telephone or radio activated device, such as a voice recorder or transmitter.
voxel Volume pixel, or volume picture element A three-dimensional pixel; a concept used in three-dimensional modeling. The smallest division of a three-dimensional space or image.
VoxML Voice Markup Language a technology from Motorola for creating a voice dialog with a Web site in which a user can call a Web site by phone and interact with it through speech recognition and Web site responses.

valid printable area

Volume Procurement Amendment

The intersection of the current logical page or current overlay with the physical page in which printing is allowed.

An agreement between a computer vendor and a customer under which the vendor grants discounted prices in return for the customer's commitment to purchase a minimum quantity of products.

VPD Vital Product Data Information about a device that is stored on the device itself. Typical VPD information includes a product model number, a unique serial number, product release level, maintenance level, and other information specific to the device type
VPDN Virtual Private Dial-up Network A network that extends remote access to a private network using a shared infrastructure.
VPI Virtual Path Indentifier A value in the cell header that identifies the virtual path (VP) to which the cell belongs. The field is 8 bits in cells traversing an UNI circuit and 12 bits in cells traversing network circuits
VPLS virtual private LAN service VPLS is a class of VPN that supports the connection of multiple sites in a single bridged domain over a managed IP/MPLS network.
VPN Virtual Private Network
This is a network term that most computer users don't need to know, but at least you can impress your friends by talking about it. A VPN refers to a network that is connected to the Internet, but uses encryption to scramble all the data sent through the Internet so the entire network is "virtually" private.

Vectors Per Second

Virtual private server

A measurement of the speed of a vector processor (a processor which can execute instructions in which the operands can be arrays of data rather than only single elements).

a single physical server that is split into multiple virtual servers. What this means is that the single physical server is portioned in such a way that the one server appears to be multiple servers.

VQF Vector Quantization Format An audio codec similar to MP3 but less lossy and (arguably) more intelligent. See http://www.vqf.com
VR Virtual reality The use of multimedia to create a simulation of a product or service so that a user can experience and interact with it (e.g. driving a car).
VRC Vertical Redundancy Check A way of error checking by attaching a parity bit to each byte of data to be transmitted, which is then tested to determine if the transmission is correct. See parity bit and Cyclic Redundancy Check.
VRF VPN routing/forwarding instance A VRF consists of an IP routing table, a derived forwarding table, a set of interfaces that use the forwarding table, and a set of rules and routing protocols that determine what goes into the forwarding table. In general, a VRF includes the routing information that defines a customer VPN site that is attached to a PE router.
VRM voltage regulator module a tiny module that installs on a motherboard to control and regulate the voltage fed to the microprocessor.
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language It's a form of application that gives a 3-D effect to pictures sometimes allowing you to "move" through them.
VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Election protocol that dynamically assigns responsibility for a virtual router to one of the VRRP routers on a LAN
VRS Virtual Reference Station Represents a network correction method in which multiple base stations are used to derive correction data specific to an individual rover but it is unique in that a “virtual” base station is created for the rover at the autonomous point of initiation.
VRT Variable-Rate Technology An electronic control system that changes or adjusts the rates of a chemical or material dispensed.
VRU voice response unit Device that accepts a coded request for data, composes a coded response and interprets the coded response into locations of stored vocabulary as output.

Virtual Sequential Access Method

Virtual Storage Access Method

A data storage system used in IBM mainframes. VSAM was designed to improve access time by searching indexes instead of actual files, and organizing data efficiently.

An IBM program that controls communication and data flow in SNA networks.

VSAT very small aperture terminal A satellite-based networking service that has a low per site cost ($175 per month per site or less). VSATs achieved their low cost by using shared, high-power satellite capacity, asymmetric data flows and a star topology.

very severe burst

Vestigial sideband

Interval between 2.5 and 10 seconds in which the background error rate (BER) exceeds 10-2; can alternatively be defined as three to ten consecutive severely errored seconds (SES).

a type of amplitude modulation technique that encodes data by varying the amplitude of a single carrier frequency. Portions of one of the redundant sidebands are removed to form a vestigial sideband signal.

VSD ViSio Diagram Microsoft ViSio Filename extension
VSE Virtual Storage Extended a multitasking, 370-architected operating system akin to Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS). VSE work runs in partitions rather than address spaces, and uses POWER for input/output rather than JES, but is largely similar to MVS.
VSELP Vector Sum Excited Linear Predictive a type of speech coding using an excitation signal generated from three components: the output of a long-term, pitch filter and two codebooks.
VSIP Visual Studio Industry Partners the Microsoft program was created to educate and support ISVs, SIs, academic institutions, corporations and developers interested in integrating tools, components, and languages into the Visual Studio IDE.
VSM Value Stream Mapping transcript Lean tools and practices
VSN volume serial number an identifying number assigned to a disk or tape by Windows or other operating systems. Volume serial numbers ensure that the computer will know when the disk or tape in a drive is changed.
VSNL Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited now Tata Communications Limited, India's largest telecommunication company in international long distance, enterprise data and internet services.
VSP VoIP Service Provider CSP supplying peer-to-peer application that enables customer to make voice calls over IP networks. See VoIP.
VSR Vertical Scan Rate The maximum number of frames per second that a computer monitor can display, expressed in hertz. Too low a scan rate causes a flickering screen which is hard on the eyes.

vector symbol set

Volume Shadow Copy

In the GDDM function, a set of characters each of which is treated as a small picture and is described by a sequence of lines and arcs.

creating online, consistent point-in-time copies of a single or multiple volumes in Windows Server environments

VSwitch Virtual Switch networking entities connecting Virtual Machines in a virtual network at layer 2.
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio The ratio of the transferring signal voltage as compared to reflected signal voltage measured along the length of a transmission line
VT-x/i or d or c

Virtualization Technology-x

Virtualization Technology-Itanium

for Directed I/O

for Connectivity

x refers to all the hardware assists for virtualization in Intel. 64 and IA32 processorsIntel VT-x/i reduces the size and complexity of the VMM software improving its efficiency and enabling greater functionality.

VT-d is a hardware enhancement for I/O virtualization that is implemented as part of core logic chipset.

VT-c is a collection of I/O virtualization technologies that enables lower CPU utilization, reduced
system latency, and improved networking and I/O throughput


Virtual Table Access Method

Virtual Telecommunications Access Method

IBM operating system module

The main SNA subsystem resident in an IBM mainframe that manages session establishment and data flow between terminals and application programs, or between application programs.

VTL virtual tape library VTL is an archival backup solution that combines traditional tape backup methodology with low-cost disk technology to create an optimized backup and recovery solution.
VTOC Volume Table of Contents A table of contents on a disk or diskette that describes the location and size of each file. VTOC is generally a term used with mainframes; personal computers use the term File Allocation Table.
VTP Vlan Trunking Protocol Layer 2 messaging protocol that mantains VLAN configuration consistency by managing the addition, deletion, and renaming of VLANs on a network-wide basis
VTS virtual tape subsystem Tape library hardware and software extensions that utilize DASD buffers to multiply the tape device count, throughput and storage density of tape library systems.
VTY Virtual teleTYpewriter Virtual terminal for remote console access.
VUE Visual User Environment A graphical user interface for UNIX from Hewlett-Packard.
VVM Veritas Volume Manager Easy-to-use, online storage management tool for enterprise environments, which reduces planned and unplanned downtime.
VVR Veritas Volume Replicator Provides the foundation for seamless availability across sites. Based on VERITAS Volume Manager, it reliably, efficiently, and consistently replicates data to remote locations over any IP network when data loss and prolonged downtime cannot be tolerated
VWE virtual work environment virtual work environment
VWIC Voice/Wan Interface Card Voice/Wan Interface Card of Cisco Router
VWS Virtual Web Server A VWS allows you to use your domain on an ISP's web server. Your URL will give the impression that you have your own dedicated web server.
VxD / VDD Virtual Device Driver A virtual device driver is the component of a device driver that communicates directly between an application and a hardware device. It runs as part of the OS kernel and has access to kernel memory, running processes and hardware.
vendor-neutral A state in which no one vendor can control the definition, revision or distribution of a specification.
Video Search The ability to search within a collection of videos, whether inside the enterprise or outside, whether under enterprise control or in another company's domain, is attracting interest in areas of content management as expectations sparked by YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo and Blinkx enter the enterprise environment.
Video telepresence a form of immersive video communication that creates the impression of being in the same room as other conference participants. Most telepresence suites run high-definition (HD) video resolution at 720p or 1,080p lines.
Virus A chunk of computer programming code that makes copies of itself without any concious human intervention.
Vista formerly code named Longhorn, is the name of the next Microsoft Windows desktop operating system release to follow Windows XP.
voice grade The term applied to channels used primarily for speech transmission, generally with a frequency range of about 300 to 3,000 cycles per second (hertz.) Voice Grade channels may be used to send analog or digital data or facsimile.
voiceband A voice grade bandwidth typically spanning between 300 and 3300 Hz.
Vtunnel Web proxy supporting SSL via the HTTPS encryption protocol. ,a href="http://www.vtunnel.com/">http://www.vtunnel.com/